Harvesting Equipment Guard found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Mid last week I got a phone call from a farmer friend 2 hours north west of Edmonton. Evan had lost a guard off his swather while swathing Canola. I decided to go have a look and see if we could find this piece of metal. I asked Evan if he had an idea where the guard might be. He told me he had it narrowed down to 3 swaths. Each swath was 1 mile long. Sounds like a challenge to me. Evan`s side by side Razor was running so we could use it. He drove and I held the metal detector out the side over a swath of Canola. Started raining but we stayed with it. We did about 1.25 miles and I got a signal about 45 minutes into the hunt. Evan stopped, backed up and I could see just the edge of it laying under the swath. We got it 🙂 and Evan was super happy. Was 3 – 4 feet long and no longer will cause problems for the combine. I enjoyed this hunt!
Alls well that ends well.

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