Platinum Wedding Ring Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I got a call last night from Joel.

He had lost his platinum wedding ring while brushing snow off his truck.

Joel lives on a farm about 1+ hour away from Edmonton.

He used a tiger torch to melt snow while searching for the ring but was not successful.

I agreed to leave the city about 8AM this morning and drive to his residence to see what we could find.

I did discuss the social distancing we should keep and no shaking hands etc.

Temperature was -17Celcius (1.4Farenheit) with a windchill of -26 Celcius (-15Farenheit) as there was a brisk wind.

I started to search where Joel had described where he lost his ring.

After a few swings of the metal detector I got a strong signal, moved some snow and with the pin finder was able to locate the ring.

I set the ring on the toneau cover of my truck and backed off so Joel could look and identify – It was the ring we were looking for!

Joel wanted to shake my hand but due to the circumstances I gladly excepted a thank you.

I was super happy to see the smile on his face – I am sure his day was a lot brighter as was mine in these tough days of the pandemic.

All in all a good day.






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  1. Joan Fox says:

    ❄🌲Awesome job done! Joel must be very grateful for the Help on this bloody cold day!🌲❄💙

  2. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    Waiting for my turn.

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