Gold Diamond Wedding Band Found

  • de Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I got a call on Sunday night to locate a ring and after talking with Hoang. I said I could be there at 09:30 am Monday morning. About 1/2 hour drive and was taken to the garden where the ring was lost. Hoang was building a snowman with others and lost the ring in the snow while removing a glove. He searched for over 2 hours with no success on Sunday. The snow was about 1 foot deep and made looking for the ring interesting to say the least. We searched for about 40 minutes getting ghost signals and depths about 10 inches deep. One more swing of the detector and I got a loud signal. Checked that spot a couple more times and got out my pin finder and went to the spot. I did not need the pin finder as I could see a small outline of one side of the ring. I picked the ring up and gave it to Hoang. It was very rewarding to see the smile on his face. All in all another good day

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