Wayne Kemp, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost keys found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a phone call from Kimberly mid afternoon. Kimberly was out playing with her children and her keys fell out of her pocket and were lost. I loaded up and went to her house. Weather was nice. I used the Garrett AT Gold as it has a depth gauge on it. Got a strong signal almost immediately but it turn out being a $2 dollar coin. After 10 minutes I got a strong signal again and did a bit of snow removal with the business end of my pin pointer and there they were. Kimberly was smiling cheek to cheek. All in all was another great hunt.

Cell Phone Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Tuesday night I received a call from Travis. He lost a cellphone. He was driving in a very bad snowstorm and ended up in the ditch after a large truck completely blinded him (white out). Someone pulled over and helped Travis. Travis suspected the phone dropped out of his pocket while hooking up chains/cables, he spent a lot of time looking for the phone. We tentatively    made a date for Sunday not to have him miss work. I took a drive out this afternoon as the forecast is for freezing rain and I searched the site with the directions given. I got started and soon sounded a signal and started digging. I needed a plastic shovel as the snow was packed and drifted and we got it. I had the pleasure of meeting Travis`s mom and have never seen a mom so excited to collect the phone found. All in all a good day. I would love to see the look on Travis`s face when he gets his phone (Travis was working and could not be there) Found the phone with Gold Monster 1000 and pinpointer.

Harvesting Equipment Guard found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Mid last week I got a phone call from a farmer friend 2 hours north west of Edmonton. Evan had lost a guard off his swather while swathing Canola. I decided to go have a look and see if we could find this piece of metal. I asked Evan if he had an idea where the guard might be. He told me he had it narrowed down to 3 swaths. Each swath was 1 mile long. Sounds like a challenge to me. Evan`s side by side Razor was running so we could use it. He drove and I held the metal detector out the side over a swath of Canola. Started raining but we stayed with it. We did about 1.25 miles and I got a signal about 45 minutes into the hunt. Evan stopped, backed up and I could see just the edge of it laying under the swath. We got it 🙂 and Evan was super happy. Was 3 – 4 feet long and no longer will cause problems for the combine. I enjoyed this hunt!
Alls well that ends well.

White and Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

January 28-2021 1:00PM -20C
Got a call about 11:30am from Cassandra`s husband to be asking if I could meet at her work. Cassandra was brushing snow off her car and her ring was a bit loose and flew off her finger. We agreed to meet at 1 P.M.
I met Cassandra and her mom and started to do a grid scan of the area where she had her car parked.
Cassandra and her husband searched the evening before and could not find it after a very long search.
It took me about 15 minutes to locate with my GoldMonster 1000.
Cassandra was very happy to have her ring back on her finger.

Platinum Wedding Ring Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I got a call last night from Joel.

He had lost his platinum wedding ring while brushing snow off his truck.

Joel lives on a farm about 1+ hour away from Edmonton.

He used a tiger torch to melt snow while searching for the ring but was not successful.

I agreed to leave the city about 8AM this morning and drive to his residence to see what we could find.

I did discuss the social distancing we should keep and no shaking hands etc.

Temperature was -17Celcius (1.4Farenheit) with a windchill of -26 Celcius (-15Farenheit) as there was a brisk wind.

I started to search where Joel had described where he lost his ring.

After a few swings of the metal detector I got a strong signal, moved some snow and with the pin finder was able to locate the ring.

I set the ring on the toneau cover of my truck and backed off so Joel could look and identify – It was the ring we were looking for!

Joel wanted to shake my hand but due to the circumstances I gladly excepted a thank you.

I was super happy to see the smile on his face – I am sure his day was a lot brighter as was mine in these tough days of the pandemic.

All in all a good day.





Gold Diamond Wedding Band Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I got a call on Sunday night to locate a ring and after talking with Hoang. I said I could be there at 09:30 am Monday morning. About 1/2 hour drive and was taken to the garden where the ring was lost. Hoang was building a snowman with others and lost the ring in the snow while removing a glove. He searched for over 2 hours with no success on Sunday. The snow was about 1 foot deep and made looking for the ring interesting to say the least. We searched for about 40 minutes getting ghost signals and depths about 10 inches deep. One more swing of the detector and I got a loud signal. Checked that spot a couple more times and got out my pin finder and went to the spot. I did not need the pin finder as I could see a small outline of one side of the ring. I picked the ring up and gave it to Hoang. It was very rewarding to see the smile on his face. All in all another good day

Lost Wedding Band Found in Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Got a call about 10:30 AM today December 14, 2019 about a lost wedding band. Brett sounded concerned  and wanted his ring found. He had been clearing snow off his car and the ring slid off his wet fingers. I drove over to the east side of Edmonton. Brett showed me where his car was parked so I fired up my Garrett AT Gold and started looking. I got a signal immediately and pin-pointed with the pin finder. Brushing away some snow I came to ice – Brett was there while I was looking and said “is that it” as we could see the outline of the ring in ice. I used my finger to break it loose and there it was. Brett is now a happy man – he has his ring back!!  It did not take long to find.  Was a very balmy -14C today!

How do you spell relief ? – FIND THE RING!


Key FOB Found!

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

This morning got a call from a Lady named Tara-Lee, very concerned, she asked if I could help. She was walking dogs in a wooded area near Sherwood park, Alberta and lost her keys.
I was able to go look around with my detector and pin pointer, so off we went on the trail and spent a while checking every target that showed up but I was not successful.
Tara-Lee had called her local car dealer and was told it would cost her $800+ for the fob etc. and the vehicle would have to be towed to the dealership.
I opted to try the pin pointer on the area near where she was standing as it was steel pipe fence and the detector would pick up a signal within 1 meter of the fence.
We thought maybe the keys fell out of her pocket while she was going over the fence?
I started searching very close to where Tara-Lee is standing in the photo.
I picked up a signal with the pin pointer in about 1 meter and scraped away the snow and there they were!
Tara-Lee is now a very happy lady that she has her keys and I was happy to find them.
Tara`s daughter brought some fresh coffee, a sandwich and Tim Bits and I really enjoyed that treat on the way home.
Another happy ending!

Keys Found!

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Got a call yesterday to assist in finding a set of very important keys for Dino. Work keys, car keys and house keys. I made arrangements to meet in early afternoon and found the complex. The keys were all on one ring and had been possibly dropped in the snow. It was -15c with a -20c windchill and I got at it right away. The complex had a skid steer loader clearing snow and the gentleman figured the keys were either around his vehicle or they were scooped up by the skid-steer. Of course I checked the 2 biggest snow piles first and moved a lot of snow hardened by being piled and left overnight. The last smaller snow dump was checked and I picked up a odd tone. It made a loud tone but gave no signal at all. I went over the spot again and got the sound again. I kicked at the snow and the ring of keys slid out from under the snow. I used a Garrett AT Gold to find the keys. Dino was a happy Camper once again. The keys had been missing for 4 days and it took about 45 minutes to find them. I was invited in for tea and freshly baked cake.