Lost Class Ring from 1972 Found on Lake Winnisquam (Belmont) NH Solves a 43 year Old Mystery

  • de Hampton Beach (New Hampshire, United States)

A casual morning metal detecting in the waters of lake Winnisquam in Belmont NH helped solved a 43 year old mystery. In about 5 feet of water, I found a 1972 10K gold class ring from “Darien High School”. It also had the school’s mascot, named “The Blue Wave”. A quick google searched confirmed that it was from Darien Connecticut, a town almost 250 miles from the south.

Who lost it? When and under what circumstances?

That is what I was determined to find out.

Within minutes of finding it, I was on the phone with the Darien High School. One of the administrators answered the phone and I explained my find. She was immediately fascinated and was willing to check the old year book from 1972 for the initials that were inside the ring. She said she was going to go and do it right now because she wanted to help with the mystery as well.  I gave her my contact information in case anything turned up.

Within a couple of hours, I received a call from the sister of the ring’s owner. She confirmed with her sister that the ring was hers. She even told me exactly where it was lost.

The ring was loose on her finger. She was up at her parent’s lake cottage right around graduation night 1972 when she dove off a dock. That dock was where my own property is now. She immediately knew she lost the ring and was understandably upset at the time.

We’ve exchanged some nice emails and I am getting the ring in the mail back to her.

To make the story even better, they still vacation once year up in the area. In about a month they will be coming by to thank me in person. It will be great to meet them and hear some of the stories about our own area from 43 years ago.

File this under: mystery solved!

1972 Darien CT class ring3

1972 Derian High School. Home of “The Blue Waves”.

1972 Darien CT class ring

This is the spot where the ring was found after laying under water for 43 years.


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  1. Dave Millman says:

    Great job, Tim! Nice work returning it to the owner!

  2. John Volek says:

    Awesome recovery and story!

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