2 Platinum wedding rings found at the beach in Seabrook New Hampshire (NH)

  • de Hampton Beach (New Hampshire, United States)

I was asked to help a understandably upset woman who had lost her rings at Seabrook beach, NH.

While I at first thought it was one ring, it was actually two. Both of them platinum with dozens of diamonds between the two of them.

She was putting on sunscreen, put the rings in her lap and forgot. As soon as she stood up, she realized what she had done. She was smart and didn’t move very far.  The second smart thing was she immediately called for assistance. Time is really critical in beach recoveries. Rings sink, random detectorists find (and keep) rings and if it is near the water line, the surf can factor into it as well.

It took me all of 15 seconds to locate one. I handed it to her.  Then I used the pin pointer to find the second one, 6 inches away.

She started crying, followed by several huge hugs.

I’ve cropped out her photo as she is a bit camera shy, especially about it being online. That is understandable. She was okay with a non-recognizable image though.

One great thing about this? My two kids were with me to witness all of this. They were impressed with how much it meant to her to get the ring back.







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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great first recovery Tim! 2 rings on your first call out…Fantastic!

  2. John Volek says:

    Another great recovery.


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