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Tungsten and Damascus steel ring lost in the snow, Carpentersville, Illinois

  • de Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a text late lastnight (12-29-21) from Logan asking if I’d be able to help him locate his wedding ring. He was wiping the fresh snow off of his mailbox in front of his house. During the sweeping motion, his wedding ring came off and fell in the snow and immediately disappeared out of sight. We set up a time for this morning at 7 am to meet. After a quick explanation of the ring loss I turned on my detector, and in about 45 seconds, I had the ring!! This was the fastest recovery so far!!

Tantalum ring lost and found in Roscoe, Illinois.

  • de Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a text from Brenna on Wednesday telling me that her husband was in thier back yard doing some chores and lost his wedding ring while tossing a piece of pipe. So we set up a time for me to come search that Friday evening.  When I arrived I met Callum in the backyard and he gave me a quick description of what he was doing, where he was standing, and where he felt the ring come off. In just a few minutes I got a bouncy but strong 21-23 signal. I reached down with the pinpointer and it started beeping before it reached the ground! I pulled the grass back to see Callum’s wedding ring just under the grass and just slightly pushed into the ground.



3 Gold and diamond rings lost for four months recovered. Pingree Grove, Illinois

  • de Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a text from Melissa letting me know that she’d heard about me on The Ring Finders website. She said that she had lost her wedding rings in her backyard back in May which was a little over four months ago.  I assured her that if she indeed did lose them in the backyard they should be pretty easy to find.  After a few weeks we were able to set up a time to do the search.  She gave me the story of how she thought that the rings were lost. Her and her husband were having a water ballon fight with their son in their backyard.  When she went inside later in the day she noticed that her rings were missing. So I started a grid search on the left side of the backyard and I carefully worked my way across the the yard.  I was running out of space quickly but  after about a hour of  searching and only about 2 passes left before covering the entire yard I got a loud double beep! I knew that it was the rings! As i looked down i could see one laying in a small patch of dirt without any grass, and as I was bending over to grab it I spotted a second one about a foot away! That’s 2! The other one couldn’t be far. After a couple of swings about 4 feet away was the 3rd one!! Melissa was very emotional after I handed her the rings and told me how the 2 wedding bands were constructed from jewlery from living and passed family members! I was so happy to be able to help!

2 Gold and diamond rings, lost for 4 years, recovered Carpentersville, Il

  • de Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a email from Lori in January about looking for a lost diamond ring in thier backyard. She asked if I thought that I could possibly find it even though it was lost over 4 years ago. I asked her if there was any type of construction or if the soil had been disturbed since then.  She said that it was not disturbed. But we just had a major snow and ice storm that left over a foot of snow and ice on the ground so we decided to wait for it to melt. It took till March 11th for all of the snow and ice to melt and for us to have a chance to meet up for the search.  I was shown the area in the backyard where the ring was thought to be. After 2 1/2 hours of searching their’s and both of their neighbors backyards all the way down to the edge of the swamp, at the rear of their townhomes with no luck.  So I came back the following afternoon with some Muck boots and waded into the edge of the swamp. Not long into the search I recovered a white gold wedding band with no diamnds incased in a tite root ball! Confused I asked Lori to describe her ring to me again and she told me it was a diamond ring with one bigger center stone and smaller stones on the sides. So I showed her the ring I found. It was her wedding band! So my ring search turned into a multiple ring search. Turns out the entire wedding set was out there and now just the diamond ring is still out there! So I searched as much of the swampy area as I could before getting water over my boots. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the diamond ring that night. So I told Lori that I wasn’t giving up and that I would return with my chest waders and the rest of my water gear. It took a few days before I could get back. March 19th I made it back with my water gear and within minutes I had another white metal ring! Just a band with no stones. Turned out to be a stainless steel ring. And just a few minutes later I got the signal that I had been waiting for! 13 on the Nox, still entangled in the vegetation floating near the surface of the water was Lori’s long lost diamond ring!! We knew it was there, I just had to get my coil over it!!


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Car key fob lost in snow Elgin Illinois

  • de Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a email from Linda yesterday stating that she had lost her car key fob and the attached keys the day before. In the meantime our area got hit with a nasty snow and ice storm so the snow plows were out plowing the roads , driveways and even the sidewalks. So I met up with Linda the following morning and she showed me her suspected area of the lost keys. I asked her if she had another fob for the car. She did! Not only that, she had the same exact set of keys, fob, keychain, and key ring!! So I took a few sample swings over the spare set. (It was a jumpy 11-24 on the Nox (800) After an hour of searching evey snow pile the best I could, I went back to one of the first piles and went around the other side and down the street a little bit farther (expanding my search) and got that same jumpy loud signal high up in the snow pile! I carefully chipped away the snow and ice chucks and brushed away the loose debris and out rolled the missing key fob!! Unharmed to boot!

“Salty” Ring Recovery. Sleepy Hollow, Illinois

  • de Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a email last night around 8 pm from Teresa asking if I was able to search for her husband Jake’s wedding band that he lost while he was throwing salt down in their driveway. I contacted her the next morning as soon as I seen the email. I assured her that it shouldn’t be a problem and that I was willing to come take a look for it.  So immediately packed up my gear and made the 30 minute drive over to their house.  After a quick introduction and explanation of the prior days shoveling and salting, (which is how we believe the ring came off), while throwing the salt. So I grabbed my detector (Equinox 800) and pinpointer and began searching the snow piles along the edge of the driveway.  I made one trip down the driveway searching along the side of the shoveled snow pile.  Then I went on the opposite side of the pile, and about halfway back down the driveway, I got a repeatable 17-18 signal. After sticking the pinpointer into the snow I could tell that there was something in the snow pile. After moving a handful of snow I seen the glimmer of gold!!

Took about 10 minutes or less!

Happy New Year Jake & Teresa!

Halloween Diamond Ring Search. Genoa, Illinois

  • de Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I got a call from Mary asking for help locating a lost diamond wedding ring. Her and her family were in the backyard trimming bushes and raking up the fallen leaves.  When they were done and were getting cleaned up she realized that her diamond wedding ring was missing.  She remembered having it before filling the last 6 bags. So when I arrived, we pulled out the last 6 bags they filled, into the backyard. The first 5 bags were silent.  But when I swung the detector over the last bag I got a solid 14 on the Minelab Equinox. I was able to reach into the bag with my pinpointer and retrieve the ring from there! Sucsess!! Happy Halloween Mary!!


First ring search was a success! Geneva Illinois.

  • de Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a email this morning from Lynne informing me that her and her husband were playing catch with a baseball in a large field near a church. When they returned home her husband Kyle noticed that his wedding ring was missing. After returning to the field six times in two days to search for the lost ring Lynne’s father found The Ring Finders online. We set up a time this afternoon to meet up after work. After a short introduction Kyle gave me a quick description of where they were playing catch. So i turned on my Equinox 800 and within 10-15 minutes I got a solid 18 signal right on the surface. While using my pinpointer to do a quick surface check the ring flipped up out from underneath a leaf.


Ready to find your ring!

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Hi, my name is Tim Blank. I’m new to The Ring Finders but have been metal detecting since 2009.  I am super excited for the opportunity to help find your lost belongings. I’ve been asked by a few people in the past to help find there lost rings, and its always a pleasure to see the smiles on their faces when you give back to them what they thought was lost forever!   And that’s why I joined The Ring Finders.