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Lost wedding band Heirloom Ring returned

  • de Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

I recieved an email from a gentleman whom had lost a ring given to him by his father.  It  was a beautiful white gold with diamonds.

He was clearing snow off the car and threw a piece of ice from the windshield and the ring went with it.  after a frantic search he was unable to locate it.

He found me on ring finders and I advised id be there the following morning.  After roughly 45 minutes I found it under the snow.

I was glad I was able to help.   It was such an important heirloom and I didnt want to leave without locating it.

Large gold cross found and returned in tiny beaches ontario

  • de Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

Aug 25 2020

Ring finders Lost Cross returned


I received a call last night from Frank, he was calling for Tony the man who lost his cross while playing beach bocce ball at his friends place in Tiny beaches.

He explained it fell off the chain while playing bocce ball so they picked up a metal detector and tried to find it yesterday themselves with no luck and decided to give me a call to see if I could help.  It was late and dark already when they called so I agreed to meet Tony at 8am the next morning as its important to search for the object before it becomes stepped on or found by a passerby.

I arrived 8am the following morning and went to work gridding the area where he said he had lost it.  After an hour of gridding the beach sand I happily handed the cross back to a very happy gentleman.   Felt great to make such a great return, the cross is a beautiful example of craftsmanship.  Very successful search to add to the books.  What a beautiful cross.  Great meeting you guys. 🙂

Another awesome return, and

Large cross located and returned to very happy owner

great people too

Ted Gaudet

Ring recovery from water search at Allenwood beach Georgian Bay

  • de Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

I received a call for a lost ring in beautiful Georgian Bay,  It was lost in Allenwood Beach.

I spoke with Dane,  Katherines husband and he told me how she lost it in the water. it was priceless to her and really wanted it back.   I set out first thing in the morning and spoke with her mom who was onsite keeping people out of the search area for me.  She had put two markers down where they suspected it might be.   I began gridding the search area.

After about an hour of searching in medium waves,

Gorgeous Heirloom engagement ring returned

up came the ring and a beauty it was.   Her mom was excited as was I.  Its a great feeling when you find someone’s precious lost item they expect never to see again.  A quick call really helped me to pin it down.   Katherine was very happy to have it found and the feeling is mutual.

More pictures coming of the happy couple when they return to Allenwood beach to collect the ring from Katherines Mother inlaw.

Another awesome ring return.


Found gold chain Wasaga Beach…

  • de Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

Awesome chain returned from water hunt



  While out metal detecting the water at Wasaga beach,  I was approached by a gentleman and he explained how he lost his large gold chain in the water while having a midnight swim.  After showing me the location where he was swimming I went to work.  After a 10 minute search, I was extremely happy to hand this large gold chain to him.  Richard was extremely happy to have it back.   Special thanks to Alison Walker of Ring Finders who had recommended me to help him find it.  Another awesome recovery. 

Lost ring returned while doing a water hunt in Wasaga

  • de Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

I was metal detecting Wasaga beach in the water and was approached by a gentleman who had lost his ring in the water.  after gridding the area he pointed out and 3 hours of searching I advised him I would have to return to find it the following day.   After 2 hours of searching I was able to find it and call him and return the ring to a very happy man.

It felt good after all that work to see the smile on his face when I handed it to him.   Another successful ring find.

Ted Gaudet

Ring find in the water at wasaga beach and returned to the owner.


Lost Rings, Wasaga Beach… found

  • de Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

Got a call from a young man whos wife lost a wedding ring at the cottage on lake simcoe,  after they searched for it the husband placed his ring near where he thought hers was to see what it looks like for a better idea what to look for.   It too disapeared into the loose sand and gravel mix.     I was more than happy to help them out.

After gridding the water for a few hours I was able to recover both rings one lodged between two rocks using my pin pointer the other a couple of feet away.

I was so glad I was able to help them as they were very happy to get their wedding rings back.



Lost rings located for couple