Lost Ring Found Louisville Nebraska

  • de Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

Received a call on A cold windy Saturday while I was digging in a corn field, A Young man said his fiancé lost their engagement ring out the window of their cart traveling at 60 miles per hour.
She was tossing something out the window and felt the ring take off. They looked and looked up and down the side of the road for hours and could not find it. So they called me, I got as much info as possible and a marked location as to where they thought it would land. There was still approximately half mile of roadside to search. I grab a buddy of mine Jeremy Suter who is a ring finder for Lincoln nebraska and we took off to look for the ring. We were told it was silver and were sent a picture of it, So im thinking high readings on our detectors. We started out going west from marked location and that proved to be the wrong way. I finally called her and got more detail she said it was east of the mark. ooohhhh thats better so east we went and it was along a bike path and very busy highway so i made my friend walk next to the road haha. After a few minutes we found the item that was tossed out so we no the ring had to be close. We turned around to go back and cover the ditch side of the path and I looked down and there it was shining like a beacon in the dark! I was so happy to beable to call her and say I found it cause she was at a funeral and was not having a very good day. This is my 17th recovery for people and it feels great everytime.

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