Lost Ring Omaha Nebraska found!

  • de Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

Received a call on a cold Nebraska day that a person had lost his future wifes beautiful engagement rings in his backyard while frolicing in the new fallen snow. I arrive and found out he had been looking very hard for it by getting a cheap metal detector and sweeping the show but to no avail. becoming desperate he called ring finders, I took over and after a extensive search it grew dark and i had to give up for that day. I went back two days later and lo and behold there is was right were he said it fell out of his coat pocket. He at first told me it was a silver ring so of course im looking for a high number but upon finally seeing the ring it was 10k white gold! wow big difference in numbers as it was a older home there were lots of signals to choose from. Anyway once he show the wife the ring she became quite emotional and that always gives me a warm feeling even tho it was a balmy -1 degree out today.

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