Lost Glasses found!!! Plattsmouth Nebraska

  • de Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

Received a call from a distraught father of a young man named Charlie. They were out having some father son time at a Husker paintball facility
When they called times up and remove your helmets, As Charlie removed his and started walking back to the start gate he tripped and his helmet went flying with his glasses in it. Well this area was quite wooded with lots of undergrowth. They looked and looked and could not find his Glasses as they were black framed plastic. After hours of 10 to fifteen guys looking for them they admitted defeat and went home I was called on monday to see if i could find them for him with my metal detector. I said sure ill give it a try and I drove the 18 miles out to the spot with a friend of mine. after a phone conversation whilst there as to the exact area it was presumed lost in we began a extensive inch by inch search of the area. Well let me tell you just how many things in the woods that bite,sting, cling and just plain crawl all over you and slither away. Saw a four foot black racer
snake he gave me a start but he went his way I went mine! Well we found shotgun shells,arrows,nails paintball gun parts airsoft gun parts and etc.etc. but no glasses We finally ran out of energy and water as it was very humod and hot! We called the father back and said we needed to be shown exactly were he fell. So we set up for Wednesday morning to meet, Well wednesday came and I drove out there again by myself and Met Chris we then commence walking up to the spot were he said he was pretty sure this is were he fell. I started swinging my detector to which i had set to all metal propector mode as to not miss the tiny signal the eye glasses would give. Again it was look and look and look after a hour or so of no luck Chris said he had to go and I said ill stay and keep looking they have to be here somewhere. So i went back up to were he said charlie started and I decided to take path a little further then were he thought and low and behold about 50 feet from were he thought is was beep I looked and there they were laying in plain sight how anyone missed them is beyond me, I was just as giddy as heck to beable to holler at Chris and say found them!!!! Man was he happy as his son had just started school and really needed his glasses as new ones were three to four weeks out. So all ended well. The next day Charlie called me and thanked me for finding his Glasses, I would do it all again in a minute. So sometimes its not always rings that are found that mean something.


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