Grandmother's ring found

  • from Caroline (Alberta, Canada)

Dwayne contacted me, saying his daughter lost her ring, the day before,   in a playground park in Red Deer Ab.  He told me his daughter had put her ring in her pocket for safe keeping, along with her keys, and the ring must have slipped out when she took her keys out.  He told me him and his wife had searched for hours with a cheap metal detector, with no luck. He also said the grass was quite long and hasn’t been mowed for awhile.  Then he told me this ring was his daughter’s grandmother’s ring and they recently had some work done on it. The ring had lots of sentimental value.  I told Dwayne I would be there after work, after 6p.m.  My son was done teaching school for the day, I asked him to join me.  He has a lot of experience with the pin pointer.  On the 1 hour drive to Red Deer we chatted about the upcoming search, neither one of us were fully optimistic about it.  We thought this could be a needle in a haystack.  Soon we met Dwayne’s wife and daughter at the playground.  The young lady explained were she was and which way she was walking, when she pulled her keys out of her pocket.  I started working a pattern and nothing really for signals.  About 30 minutes of searching I got the tone I was looking for.  My son checking with pin finder, and pulling away the long grass, there the ring was.  The story on the young lady’s grandmother’s ring can continue.

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