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Gold Ring Lost Body Surfing At Surf City Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Jack sent me a text message early Saturday morning asking if I could help find his lost ring.  Jack explained to me he was body surfing Wednesday afternoon when the ring slid off of his finger.  He felt the tide was High during that time and the ring would be found in the wet sand.  Upon arrival, Jack led me to the beach and pointed out the boundaries he believed the ring was within and the search began parallel to the water from high to low.  After a few passes, only 1 dime was found.  I eventually made it to where the surf was rolling in over the beach.  This isn’t much of a problem, it just slows the search process.  Finally, I received a strong signal on my metal detector and my deep & wide scoop went to work and pulled out a large amount of sand containing Jack’s ring.  Jack was working on the other side of the home and didn’t understand why I returned so soon.  He and his family couldn’t believe his ring was found so quickly.

Honeymoon Celebration Produces All Rings Lost, Two Found – Sneads Ferry, NC

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Kaity & Zach were celebrating their recent marriage and honeymooning in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina.  While they were at a friends house along Chadwick Bay, Kaity decided to take a running jump into the bay off of the boat dock.  Both of her wedding rings came off of her finger into the bay and it’s soft muddy bottom.  Along with friends, they both searched for the underwater rings and came across oyster shells along the way which were thrown out of the area.  During the search, Zach also lost his wedding band.  After hours of searching they finally gave up.  A friend found Crystal Coast Ring Finders and message was sent out.  Upon arrival, I was skeptical as I know these waters can sometimes be hard or soft bottoms.  This one was the latter.  I was searching around the boat dock in about 3 foot of water and pulling up various items from the bottom when within the first half hour Kaity’s engagement ring was brought up from the bottom.  Surprisingly, her very thin wedding band wasn’t found.  During the 1st attempted search, I was able to locate Zach’s missing wedding band just under the boat dock amongst other oyster shells.  A 2nd attempt was made on a different day and Kaity’s wedding band was not located.  I suspect it was either pressed deep into the soft black mud bottom or thrown out of the area attached to an oyster shell cluster.  Kaity & Zach were mostly concerned about getting the wedding ring back in their possession.

Atlantic Beach: Newlywed’s Gold Wedding Band Lost In The Ocean Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Joe and his wife of two months were spending a few days with family and went swimming in the ocean.  Sitting on the beach with his wife, she asked him where is your ring?  It was then the shock of the loss started.  Joe did some research and found The Ring Finders and contacted me later that day.  He admitted, and I could tell, both him and his wife were very upset.  Joe said he was swimming in chest to shoulder deep water.   I informed him that tomorrow morning’s conditions would be best to perform a water recovery search and we agreed to meet at 6 a.m.

Less than 1 hour later Joe was able to grab his gold wedding band out of my sand scoop.  His wife was instantly in tears.  It is such a great feeling to be able to return property that holds so much value to others!

Class Ring Lost 20 Days Prior On Topsail Beach, Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

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Taylor texted me August 15th with a message stating, « This is a complete shot in the dark but I lost a ring in the last week of July at Topsail Island »

This class ring belonged to her mother.  Taylor said she was given the ring when she was 6 years old and has worn it off and on for nearly twenty years.

She informed me the ring was lost above the high tide line.  I explained that the odds are low especially if it was lost in the ocean or close to a public parking access as other detectorist hunt these places on a regular basis.  Taylor still wanted me to give it a shot and my reply was « I agree.  If nobody searches, there is no hope.  We have found rings that were lost a longer period of time… »  Upon arrival, I was becoming concerned as there were 2 public parking lots within 150 yards of the beach house her family rented.  I started from the path to the beach house, walked just below the high tide line. I began my walk back towards the house when an iffy signal on my Minelab CTX-3030 caught my attention.  When on a recovery search, I dig almost every signal so my scoop went to work and plucked out her ring on the very first scoop.  I must admit, it even surprised me!  I was so very happy to find her ring that had been lost for 20 days.

Engagement Ring Lost From Beach Blanket Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)



Kristina and Drew were spending a beautiful day on the Emerald Isle beach.  Before finding a place to setup for the day in the sun, Kristina placed her engagement ring in a zip up blanket.  She became alerted when she had notice that Drew had opened the blanket and placed it on the beach.  Apparently, he didn’t know about the hidden ring.  Kristina called me and I informed her I could be there in less than 40 minutes.  Upon arrival, I searched over the blanket and received a very strong signal below the blanket.  I even stated « there is your ring ».  I moved the beach blanket and nothing  produced a signal from my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT pinpointer.  It was then, I looked up and noticed the metal zipper under the blanket.  I reset and started to scan the area with my Minelab CTX-3030.  I then locked onto a 2nd strong signal and this time, the Garrett sounded off with Kristina’s ring!  Now her engagement ring can attend next year’s wedding!

Wedding Band Lost In North Topsail Beach Surf Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

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I received a late evening text from Danny.  He mentioned he lost his ring in the shallow surf and asked if I could help.  I checked the tide chart and told him, to his surprise,  I’d be there at 5 a.m.  I brought along a friend to help out and we headed towards the area Danny thought he had lost the ring.  After more than 2 hours of searching both beach and water, his ring was not found.  That same afternoon, my friend informed Danny that he was coming back to search the area once more.  Upon arrival, a family member mentioned a different area that they had set up the day before and the new area was searched.  It was a very short hunt as Danny’s ring was quickly located in the very shallow surf.  It was about the same time Danny and his wife were just coming back onto the beach and were very happy and relieved his ring was found and returned.

Lost Engagement Ring At Atlantic Beach,NC Pier Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Robert and his family were spending the day next to Oceanana Pier in Atlantic Beach, NC.  Rob’s wife placed her wedding rings inside of a can cooler sleeve and then inside the beach bag under the umbrella.  She had told me that she told Rob about the rings location but he informed me he didn’t hear her.  They had moved a couple of the lounge chairs closer to the water and about 20 yards from the the original setup.  Rob went to retrieve some of the can sleeves and both rings fell out on the way to the chair.  He said the wedding band was located, but was still unable to find her diamond ring.  When I arrived, I was hoping they fell out at the same time and her engagement ring would be very close to the wedding band…Nope.  After a thorough search of the setup area, I started to grid search towards the lounge chairs.  After a few trash objects removed from the beach, I plucked her lost ring out with only part of it exposed in the pile of sand.  I asked Rob, « Do you see what I see? »  He bent down and picked up her missing ring.

Engagement Ring Lost At Emerald Isle Public Beach Has Been Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Christin called me shortly after discovering her engagement ring was no longer in the beach bag.  Upon arrival, she explained it was either still on the beach or lost up around a public picnic area.  She said, if it was the latter, it was probably gone.  Her husband Justin and her escorted me to the beach area where they unsuccessfully tried to locate it with a metal detector.  Justin gave me decent size area to search and thankfully, it was after sunset and the area was clear of people.  As luck would have it, I started my search on the wrong side of the area and on one of my final passes through the marked area, my Minelab Equinox 800 sounded off once again with a solid signal.  As the sand cleared from my scoop, I noticed Christin’s beautiful rose gold with diamonds ring.  My pictures that evening were not very good as I wasn’t wearing my glasses and asked Christin for a daytime picture.  In a text, she stated « I’m still in shock that you were able to find it. »  Fortunately Christin called quickly as I know this area of the beach gets hunted by treasure finders very often.  I had no doubt, Friday night and Saturday would have had numerous people out seeking valuables.


Late Father’s Ring Lost In Ocean Found One Month Later – Emerald Isle, NC

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Megan was visiting the Crystal Coast from New Hampshire.  She was swimming with her fiancé along Bogue Inlet Pier in « crazy waves ».  During this time, Megan’s late father’s ring fell off of her hand into the waist deep water.  She posted a plea on Facebook with doubts of ever seeing the last thing her father gave her before his passing.  The post caused the alert flag to be raised, so to speak as people recommended Crystal Coast Ring Finders and The Ring Finders.  I also was notified from friends of the recent lost stainless band.  After multiple attempts during the first week, I was unable to locate her father’s ring.  I then posted on local metal detecting Facebook groups with the story behind Megan’s ring and that she has plans for a September wedding and wanted to wear her Father’s ring during the ceremony.  A stainless ring does not hold much monetary value but to Megan, of course, it was priceless.

Fast forward almost one exact month later… the guy I’ve been metal detecting the beaches with, Justin, was taking advantage of the negative tides and somewhat low tide heights to search along Bogue Inlet Pier with his Minelab Equinox.  He knew very well about Megan’s lost ring and has helped me search for it in the past.  Fortunately for everyone, he was able to swing his search coil over her ring still in deeper waters and pull it to the surface.  He called me as soon as possible.  I called Megan shortly after verifying it was indeed her ring and she thought I was just going to delete the posts and give up the search.  She misunderstood when I said there was no reason to keep the lost rings postings up…   …because her father’s ring has been found and she will be able to once again wear it on her very special day!

Lost Gold Ring Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders -Emerald Isle,NC

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Jill was spending the day with her daughter at Emerald Isle’s Western Regional Beach Access.  Before leaving their beach location near the lifeguard stand, she noticed this special ring had gone missing.  It wasn’t until the next day, after talking the the police department, that she was informed there are services in the area who specialize with finding lost items.  Jill called me and I informed her that I would be there as soon as possible.  It was my concern, another detectorist may have already found the gold ring.  Upon arrival the search area was surprisingly empty of visitors and I started my search of the 15 x 15 yard area.  Jill even placed an X in the sand where she suspected the ring may lay buried from the day before…  On my 3rd pass, I received a strong signal on my Minelab CTX-3030.  One scoop and the ring was visible.  The location was less than 8″ from the center of Jill’s X mark.  Jill declined my offer to include her into The Ring Finder’s Book of Smiles