Lost Ring Recovered in Ohio Lake

  • de Columbus (Ohio, United States)


Here you go!

We arrived at Atwood Lake beach on Sunday, August 8th. We scheduled some time on the Woah Zone (inflatable obstacle course on the water). While climbing one of the obstacles I lost my grip and fell off. When I lost my grip my wedding ring slipped off my finger and into the water. I knew exactly where I lost it. I contacted one of the life guards and asked how deep the water was and if I could try to dive and search for it. The water is 20′ deep but I tried. I dove to about 10′ and realized I couldn’t see anything through the murkiness so I surfaced.
Dejected, I had to tell my wife what happened. Obviously, she was as upset as I was. Once we returned home I sent out a plea for help on Facebook and reached out to some local dive shops.Hoping that someone happened to know somebody that could help. My wife began scouring the internet and came upon your profile on theringfinders.com. She gave it a shot and texted you. You responded immediately and we started making plans.
On Monday I received permission to dive from the Atwood Lake park director. We planned to meet at the beach on Tuesday morning and begin our search. After an hour of prepping gear, we hit the water around 9:30am. After about 20 minutes of searching you were able to locate my ring. Your confidence throughout the search was calming but I was definitely prepared for the worst. You didn’t have any doubts my ring would be found. I’m forever grateful our paths crossed and I’m thankful that you were so willing to help and confident you would be able to find it.
Thank you again,

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