Lost Engagement Ring Columbus, Ohio… Found!

  • de Columbus (Ohio, United States)

From Stephen Adams

Monday 9/21/2020 started like any other day, I woke up and played with our fur babies. I checked my email and found Chloe’s email. I responded right away and it was nice because my afternoon was free. I talked to her husband and we decided I would come to New Carlisle that afternoon. The drive was about an hour and a half so not to bad. I arrived and Chloe met me at the front of the house. I gathered my Equinox 800 and my new Vanquish 540, I like to have a spare detector with me, and we walked to the back discussing the loss of the ring.

Chloe showed me where she had been standing when she threw the rotten pair, and the direction it went. She said she heard it hit the fence post but could not locate it. I got to work checking the side of the fence area, but did not locate it. I went to the outside of the fence and searched the path of the pear and 10 feet to both sides.

Only then did I check the gate area where they had been walking through numerous times looking for the ring. I had checked the band which rang up a solid nine, so i figured the engagement ring being bigger would ring up slightly higher. Right outside the gate I got a solid eleven on the surface. I checked the signal with my pinpointer and located a beautiful 110 year old engagement ring. As she walked up to show me a picture of it, I handed her the ring and asked,” DOes it look like this?”  She gasped and grabbed the ring, and was almost in tears. Luis and Chloe celebrated with a big hug and thank you’s. After the recovery we all chatted about many different topics for over an hour. I then told them thank you and I was on my way home on a natural high.

Monday, September 14, 2020: The previous week of September 7-11, I was having a streak of bad luck.  I was becoming miserable due to one bad thing happening right after another and another and another.  On this date, right as I came home from work, depressed, I was cleaning out my lunch sack and prepping the “arriving home” routine.  Living out in the country has its perks, I went outside to the back of the house taking out a rotten pear that I never ate for lunch, thinking this will be a great snack for some of the wildlife around my home.  I threw that pear over the fence..and something else went along with it, my wedding bands.

With the sun in my eyes and just wanting to let out some steam from the streak of bad luck, chucking that pear and having both my wedding rings slip off my left ring finger were the cherry on top of this terrible, toxic cake of bad luck.  I bet my face was priceless.  I felt like the character, Rose, from the Titanic tossing the Heart of the Ocean over the edge of the ship and watching that precious gem float to the dark depths. Fortunately, I found one of the bands quickly, as it slipped off as my hand came back to my side landing on the concrete below.  The other, I knew was either over the fence or near it because I could hear it “clink” hitting the metal pole.  Devastated and hopeless, I scurried to try and find the missing piece.  No such luck.  My heart sank faster than watching the Titanic on fast forward. I called my husband, sobbing while trying to explain what had happened. That night, no ring found, we both sat in sombering silence, each of us quietly crying to ourselves.

Throughout the week of September 14, my husband and I were looking in desperation in hopes of finding the missing ring.  I was mentally preparing myself to simply say, “hey, it’s just a material object, it won’t come with me once I’m dead.”

These rings belonged to my grandmother.  My grandfather told me that when he was going to marry her, he let her pick out the rings.  These were pieces SHE wanted.  I never knew my grandmother, she passed away tragically by taking her own life.  My mom was 16 at the time and took ownership of her rings.  Despite the tragedy, my mom always had wonderful stories about her and even though I never knew her and through her stories I learned to love her.  I wanted to know everything about her.  I never thought I would be married.  I’m really strange and unusual, but someone came along and thought I was just right.  When my husband asked for my hand and I said, “yes,” I asked my mom if I could have grandma’s wedding rings.  She said that I could have them telling me that she knew they would be taken care of…just not when I’m tossing rotten fruit over the fence.

My husband and I tried renting a metal detector but we are amateurs and we were just hopeful that we could find it.  No such luck.  We pulled pieces of the old deck apart in hopes to find that it slipped through the cracks.  No such luck.  We both couldn’t believe how I could lose something so precious.  My husband knows I take great care of my family heirlooms or vintage clothing.  He questioned, “Why? Why did it have to be the rings?”  I didn’t know what to tell him because I asked myself the same thing.

As the days went on, my left ring finger naked and my stress acne gone crazy, I was searching for rings that looked just like it.  I found some that were really close…but they weren’t THE ring. I kept Googling, “how to find a lost ring?”  Through the search engine, I found The Ring Finders website.  Hesitant to call or email any of them at the time, I kept the website saved and in my mind just in case.

On Sunday, September 20, 2020 My husband and I agreed to take the plunge and contact one of the few Ring Finders in Ohio.  Sadly, each Ring Finder is about an hour or so from New Carlisle.  I was desperate and willing to pay the gas fee for any one of them (and a bonus).  If one wasn’t willing to make the trip, maybe another would be and so on and so forth.

So, I chose 1 out of the 5 around the area.  I read Stephen Adams profile and thought, “well here goes nothing.”  Taking a deep breath and being honest, I sent an email stating the ugly truth of throwing a rotten pear over the fence and losing my ring.  Now, all I could do was wait for a response.

Monday, September 21, 2020:  I was at work when I received a call and text from Mr. Adams.  My husband also sent me a text stating that he just spoke with Mr. Adams and he was going to be at the house by 4-5 PM.  I was stoked to get a response so quickly and to have him come so soon!

Upon Mr. Adams arrival I told him the story again of me being dumb by not doing my usual of taking my rings off before I toss anything, the story of my grandmother, and showing where I thought to have lost it.

I wasn’t sure how soon he would find the missing ring, but as time went on, mere minutes feeling like hours, I began to worry.  My husband joined the conversation and I jokingly said to him, “I’m sorry you married Tweedledumb.”  We both chuckled as I started to search for a photo of the missing ring.  I found a photo from my wedding album on Facebook and made my way over to where Mr. Adams was sifting through the gravel.  Right as I was flipping the phone to show him he asked me, “does it look something like this?”  While holding the ring between his fingers.  My jaw dropped!  Oh my gosh, he found it!  He did it!

I was so overwhelmed and euphoric by the find.  My husband told me that as he arrived, he prayed to Saint Anthony to find the lost item.  Prayers work people.  God gave me the nudge to contact Mr. Adams, Mr. Adams took the call and found the ring.  God works in mysterious ways, planting people in our lives for a reason.  This whole event happened for a reason.  I hope that he can continue to help others and I now have another great story to tell with the history of my wedding rings.

Thank you again, Mr. Adams for traveling far into New Carlisle from Columbus to find my missing ring.  My husband and I are ever so gracious.  God Bless.

“Remember, hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies.” – Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Chloë Sizelove

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