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One evening we were playing catch with our sons in the backyard.  I grabbed my son’s mitt to use instead of going to get mine in the garage.  It was a little small so I took my rings off and put them on other hand.  After we were finished, I was standing by our patio and took off the glove and proceeded to put my rings back on.  As I was passing them to my other hand, I realized that I dropped my wedding band from the set.


I knew it fell straight down so we all began searching.  The grass in the backyard is really thick, but we knew the general location so it should not have been a problem.  I was wrong and after about 2 hours of searching, we ran out of daylight.  I called my neighbors, and they came over with a metal detector (that was very old) and we got out some flashlights.  Still no luck after another hour of searching.


I resumed the search in the morning and my husband went and bought a new metal detector.  We tried using the metal detector for a few hours, but we are definitely amateurs.  I knew the ring could be replaced, but I have had it for 22 years and hated the thought of knowing that it was sitting somewhere in our yard.  I was getting pretty grumpy about the whole situation and started looking up tips for finding lost rings on Google.   This was where I stumbled upon the Ring Finders website.  I did not even know that this was a thing!


I decided to give it a try and sent a text to someone who was near our area.  I did not expect to get a response, but I was wrong again.  Within 15 minutes Stephen had responded and was one his way.  Once he arrived, he was able to locate my missing ring in no time at all!  The ring had been down all the way in the dirt.  It was amazing at how fast the whole process happened.  Stephan was very knowledgeable and even gave my husband a quick lesson on the metal detector he bought.  I would never hesitate to contact him again if I lost an important item.  I was truly amazed and appreciate his help so much!

Lost Ring Recovered in Ohio Lake

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Here you go!

We arrived at Atwood Lake beach on Sunday, August 8th. We scheduled some time on the Woah Zone (inflatable obstacle course on the water). While climbing one of the obstacles I lost my grip and fell off. When I lost my grip my wedding ring slipped off my finger and into the water. I knew exactly where I lost it. I contacted one of the life guards and asked how deep the water was and if I could try to dive and search for it. The water is 20′ deep but I tried. I dove to about 10′ and realized I couldn’t see anything through the murkiness so I surfaced.
Dejected, I had to tell my wife what happened. Obviously, she was as upset as I was. Once we returned home I sent out a plea for help on Facebook and reached out to some local dive shops.Hoping that someone happened to know somebody that could help. My wife began scouring the internet and came upon your profile on She gave it a shot and texted you. You responded immediately and we started making plans.
On Monday I received permission to dive from the Atwood Lake park director. We planned to meet at the beach on Tuesday morning and begin our search. After an hour of prepping gear, we hit the water around 9:30am. After about 20 minutes of searching you were able to locate my ring. Your confidence throughout the search was calming but I was definitely prepared for the worst. You didn’t have any doubts my ring would be found. I’m forever grateful our paths crossed and I’m thankful that you were so willing to help and confident you would be able to find it.
Thank you again,

Lost Engagement Ring Columbus, Ohio… Found!

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From Stephen Adams

Monday 9/21/2020 started like any other day, I woke up and played with our fur babies. I checked my email and found Chloe’s email. I responded right away and it was nice because my afternoon was free. I talked to her husband and we decided I would come to New Carlisle that afternoon. The drive was about an hour and a half so not to bad. I arrived and Chloe met me at the front of the house. I gathered my Equinox 800 and my new Vanquish 540, I like to have a spare detector with me, and we walked to the back discussing the loss of the ring.

Chloe showed me where she had been standing when she threw the rotten pair, and the direction it went. She said she heard it hit the fence post but could not locate it. I got to work checking the side of the fence area, but did not locate it. I went to the outside of the fence and searched the path of the pear and 10 feet to both sides.

Only then did I check the gate area where they had been walking through numerous times looking for the ring. I had checked the band which rang up a solid nine, so i figured the engagement ring being bigger would ring up slightly higher. Right outside the gate I got a solid eleven on the surface. I checked the signal with my pinpointer and located a beautiful 110 year old engagement ring. As she walked up to show me a picture of it, I handed her the ring and asked,” DOes it look like this?”  She gasped and grabbed the ring, and was almost in tears. Luis and Chloe celebrated with a big hug and thank you’s. After the recovery we all chatted about many different topics for over an hour. I then told them thank you and I was on my way home on a natural high.

Monday, September 14, 2020: The previous week of September 7-11, I was having a streak of bad luck.  I was becoming miserable due to one bad thing happening right after another and another and another.  On this date, right as I came home from work, depressed, I was cleaning out my lunch sack and prepping the “arriving home” routine.  Living out in the country has its perks, I went outside to the back of the house taking out a rotten pear that I never ate for lunch, thinking this will be a great snack for some of the wildlife around my home.  I threw that pear over the fence..and something else went along with it, my wedding bands.

With the sun in my eyes and just wanting to let out some steam from the streak of bad luck, chucking that pear and having both my wedding rings slip off my left ring finger were the cherry on top of this terrible, toxic cake of bad luck.  I bet my face was priceless.  I felt like the character, Rose, from the Titanic tossing the Heart of the Ocean over the edge of the ship and watching that precious gem float to the dark depths. Fortunately, I found one of the bands quickly, as it slipped off as my hand came back to my side landing on the concrete below.  The other, I knew was either over the fence or near it because I could hear it “clink” hitting the metal pole.  Devastated and hopeless, I scurried to try and find the missing piece.  No such luck.  My heart sank faster than watching the Titanic on fast forward. I called my husband, sobbing while trying to explain what had happened. That night, no ring found, we both sat in sombering silence, each of us quietly crying to ourselves.

Throughout the week of September 14, my husband and I were looking in desperation in hopes of finding the missing ring.  I was mentally preparing myself to simply say, “hey, it’s just a material object, it won’t come with me once I’m dead.”

These rings belonged to my grandmother.  My grandfather told me that when he was going to marry her, he let her pick out the rings.  These were pieces SHE wanted.  I never knew my grandmother, she passed away tragically by taking her own life.  My mom was 16 at the time and took ownership of her rings.  Despite the tragedy, my mom always had wonderful stories about her and even though I never knew her and through her stories I learned to love her.  I wanted to know everything about her.  I never thought I would be married.  I’m really strange and unusual, but someone came along and thought I was just right.  When my husband asked for my hand and I said, “yes,” I asked my mom if I could have grandma’s wedding rings.  She said that I could have them telling me that she knew they would be taken care of…just not when I’m tossing rotten fruit over the fence.

My husband and I tried renting a metal detector but we are amateurs and we were just hopeful that we could find it.  No such luck.  We pulled pieces of the old deck apart in hopes to find that it slipped through the cracks.  No such luck.  We both couldn’t believe how I could lose something so precious.  My husband knows I take great care of my family heirlooms or vintage clothing.  He questioned, “Why? Why did it have to be the rings?”  I didn’t know what to tell him because I asked myself the same thing.

As the days went on, my left ring finger naked and my stress acne gone crazy, I was searching for rings that looked just like it.  I found some that were really close…but they weren’t THE ring. I kept Googling, “how to find a lost ring?”  Through the search engine, I found The Ring Finders website.  Hesitant to call or email any of them at the time, I kept the website saved and in my mind just in case.

On Sunday, September 20, 2020 My husband and I agreed to take the plunge and contact one of the few Ring Finders in Ohio.  Sadly, each Ring Finder is about an hour or so from New Carlisle.  I was desperate and willing to pay the gas fee for any one of them (and a bonus).  If one wasn’t willing to make the trip, maybe another would be and so on and so forth.

So, I chose 1 out of the 5 around the area.  I read Stephen Adams profile and thought, “well here goes nothing.”  Taking a deep breath and being honest, I sent an email stating the ugly truth of throwing a rotten pear over the fence and losing my ring.  Now, all I could do was wait for a response.

Monday, September 21, 2020:  I was at work when I received a call and text from Mr. Adams.  My husband also sent me a text stating that he just spoke with Mr. Adams and he was going to be at the house by 4-5 PM.  I was stoked to get a response so quickly and to have him come so soon!

Upon Mr. Adams arrival I told him the story again of me being dumb by not doing my usual of taking my rings off before I toss anything, the story of my grandmother, and showing where I thought to have lost it.

I wasn’t sure how soon he would find the missing ring, but as time went on, mere minutes feeling like hours, I began to worry.  My husband joined the conversation and I jokingly said to him, “I’m sorry you married Tweedledumb.”  We both chuckled as I started to search for a photo of the missing ring.  I found a photo from my wedding album on Facebook and made my way over to where Mr. Adams was sifting through the gravel.  Right as I was flipping the phone to show him he asked me, “does it look something like this?”  While holding the ring between his fingers.  My jaw dropped!  Oh my gosh, he found it!  He did it!

I was so overwhelmed and euphoric by the find.  My husband told me that as he arrived, he prayed to Saint Anthony to find the lost item.  Prayers work people.  God gave me the nudge to contact Mr. Adams, Mr. Adams took the call and found the ring.  God works in mysterious ways, planting people in our lives for a reason.  This whole event happened for a reason.  I hope that he can continue to help others and I now have another great story to tell with the history of my wedding rings.

Thank you again, Mr. Adams for traveling far into New Carlisle from Columbus to find my missing ring.  My husband and I are ever so gracious.  God Bless.

“Remember, hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies.” – Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Chloë Sizelove

Jackie’s Phone Recovery,,,,,Just Awesome

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On Saturday, July 18, I planned on going on a pontoon with work friends at West Branch in Ravenna, Ohio. I had everything planned. All the food I was bringing, the clothes I’d wear, the music I would play, the photos I’d take with my new selfie/tripod stick, and I even planned a bike ride prior with my friend V, who was riding on the pontoon too. The only thing I did not plan on was my phone and tripod falling into the lake.

After the bike ride, I drove to the marina to meet my coworkers on the pontoon. Before climbing aboard, I set up my phone on the tripod on the dock so everyone could be in the photo. For whatever reason, a gust of wind decided to hijack the picture by forcing my phone and tripod to do a pike dive off the dock and into the water. We all looked on in total shock. Silence. Like what the hell did we just witness? I ran to the back of the boat reaching my arm into the water to get it, but it was too late.

I don’t know if you’ve ever lost a phone before, but it’s one of the most debilitating feelings. You can’t get ahold of anyone; nobody can get ahold of you; you can’t take photos or view past ones; you can’t get directions; you can’t ask Siri or the internet a question; then you panic wondering when the last time was you backed up your phone; and now you have to explain to your family, friends and job you’re completely cut off! Oh what terrible feelings!

After putting those God-awful feelings on hold so I could enjoy the pontoon ride with my coworkers, I decided I’d research some scuba divers as soon as I got home. I found many who only did shallow water dives and wondered if it was possible to find one who went deeper. Then I came across Stephen’s profile who mentioned having done a 22-foot dive finding a ring and has gone as deep as 60 feet. This was my guy.

I emailed Stephen Sunday morning and he got back to me a little after noon. He said he needed to gain permission from the park to scuba dive and also needed to rent a tank. He gave me a fair price and I decided to hire him.

Monday night, he emailed me saying, “Looking at Thursday around noon.” I then followed up with an email showing him exactly what the tripod looked like, the type of phone and the Otterbox case it was in.

Fast forward to Thursday at noon. Stephen arrived early with his wife and grandson setting up for the dive. I had every bit of faith in Stephen that he would resurface with the phone attached to the tripod. I actually wore a shirt that said, “Believe” because I “Believe that Steve” could do it! At 12:35 he made his descent. Twelve minutes later, we hear the water break and see that he made it back – tripod and phone in hand! My jaw dropped. Holy cow he did it!

I want to thank Stephen for everything he did to get my phone back. He really went above and beyond for a total stranger who randomly emailed him out of the blue. Stephen acted quickly, knowing a phone can’t be in water long if we’re hoping to recover it. He contacted the park right away getting permission. He looked for scuba shops where he could reserve his tank. He kept me in the loop the entire time, communicating updates as they became available. He made the two-hour trek to Ravenna so he could reunite me with my phone. And he did this all with a smile and positive attitude. Stephen was kind, supportive and patient with me the entire time. I couldn’t have worked with a nicer guy and am truly grateful to have met him. If you ever lose anything in the water, Stephen is the man you want to hire.

Lost ring Near Columbus Ohio Found in 22 feet of water at Alum Creek

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Hello there, my name is Steve Adams and I have joined The Ring Finders to help folks get back what they thought was lost forever. Linda was able to get her ring returned that was lost while getting into a boat. Her husbands hand slipped on her hand while helping her into the boat, and plop, the ring sunk to the bottom. Through mutual friends I was contacted and with help from another diver, we found the ring during the first dive. They knew right where it went into the lake and put us right on it. I am a NAUI Certified SCUBA diver, so I can aid in recovery of just about anything from a ring, fishing rod, up to an outboard motor. Recovery of items needing a scuba dive are on a negotiated fee. Please feel free to call me for land or water recovery’s.