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Good day everyone

Anne Started her day like every other day, relax and getting ready to go to work, but that morning she was running late. Running to the bus stop she tripped and fell to the ground, she felt her ring slipping off and go flying in the snow.  At that same moment the city was clearing snow away from the bus stop and without her knowing the city had put a pile of snow  on top of her ring.

Anne was referred by colleagues who are also detectorists.  We called and texted each other and agreed to meet up that night. Approximately 45 minutes later I was swinging the detector and looking for the ring doing a grid pattern.  After a few moments I’m looking at the snowbank that the city had created by pushing the snow I said to myself what if ?  What if ? so I grab my shovel and started to remove some snow. As I am removing some of the  snow I grab my detector and start swinging the coil over the snow. All of a sudden I hear a loud ringing in my headphones and I pinpoint where the signal is coming from. Dang bang outcomes a beautiful ring.

I start walking towards her and I present her the ring that I had just found and she starts yelling and screaming and crying. Her whole body is shaking she can’t control her emotions so we both go together to her house.  We show the ring to her family and it was process.  What I felt it felt so good getting hugs and kisses from the family from all over I just love helping people out. I absolutely love being a member of the ring fingers if you know anyone who has lost a piece of jewellery today yesterday or three years ago please give a Ring Finder a call. We have a great ring finder directory.

Please take care of yourself and each other.

My Kindest Regards

Stephane the Ring Finder

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  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    Good job Stephane.

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