Stephane Coutu, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost and found wedding ring in Carrying Place Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Morgan yesterday about her husband Matt having lost his wedding ring the previous day in their yard. Matt was putting things away for the winter when, afterwards, he noticed his ring was gone. To makes matters worst, their yard was full of metal items in the ground and had about 4 inches of fresh snow from the previous day. Headed out and met with Morgan. After the usual questions and orientation, I got metal detecting the yard and within fifteen minutes or so, found the ring. Both Morgan and Matt were very happy and relieved that he was reunited with his ring again. Another happy ending.

Lost and found diamond engagement ring Inverary Ontario

My ring recovery today took me to a horse farm in Inverary, just north of Kingston Ontario.  Received a text from Nick and Meaghan, about her having just lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring while feeding the horses. She just had taken out a couple of bails of hay to their feeders when she realized that her ring was missing. The good news is that she knew for sure she had her ring on before feeding the horse. The bad news is she wasn’t exactly sure where and when she had lost the ring. Even worse, did one of the horses eat the ring while feeding on the freshly spread hay in the feeder. She moved the horses into another field for the night, while they tried to find the ring through the hay.
I met with them first thing this morning and started to spread and search through the hay, with no luck so far. While picking her brains, in the chain of events during last evening, she did mentioned that she had thrown old wet feed from the feeder onto the ground prior to putting in fresh Hay, Since we’ve had 3 days of solid rain this week, the ground near the feeders was a soup like wet mud. After a few minutes, I heard that distinct sweet sound of gold and while using my pin pointer, was able to fish out her ring from the mud. Very happy and appreciative young couple plus, I got to visit and pet some horses. Another happy ending!

Lost and found antique diamond engagement ring Kingston Ontario

Received a phone call from Dave about how is wife Johanne had lost her diamond engagement ring in the backyard while fall cleaning a couple days ago. This ring was gifted to Johanne from Dave’s mom many years ago. So off to Kingston I went on this beautiful sunny thanksgiving day to find her ring. This had to be the fastest recovery ever. Turn my detector on, did a couple swings of the coil and voila, her ring was found. Another very happy ending.

Lost and found diamond engagement ring Cobourg beach Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Kaitlin and Zach yesterday about having lost her diamond engagement ring at Cobourg beach this past Friday. After they were walking and enjoying the beach with their young child, she noticed that her ring was missing when they went back to their vehicle.  Zach even went and purchased a metal detector and detected the whole beach with no success. As it got dark, they finally had to stop looking and head back home, which is quite far from Cobourg. Luckily, she found me online. After getting as much information as possible, including a couple of Google earth pictures, I headed out to the beach. The major issue was that she could not pin point exactly where or when she lost the ring. Long story short, three hours into my gridding search, I found her beautiful ring. Ironically, it was found where Zach had already been over with his detector. In his defence, the quality of the detector he was using plus expertise in knowing what to listen for, and how to search an area, is not something that can be learned over night. It was a great pleasure to meet them and reunite them with her ring today. A very happy ending!

Lost cell phone in Bon Echo Provincial Park Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

While on a recovery for an IPhone, I was fortunate to find a Redmi cellphone. Took the phone home and inserted the SIM card into a working cellphone and was able to get owner’s information. It turns out that she had lost her phone at a dock, in the water, over two months ago. I Mailed her the cellphone and she will be taking it to a repair shop to hopefully recover the data. She was extremely thankful and figured she’d never see the phone again.

Lost and found IPhone 10 in Trenton Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Tim about two weeks ago, about how he had lost his cell phone at a local dock in Trenton Ontario. The phone was sitting on an empty baby carriage, with a water bottle, and the wind blew the carriage into the water. Now, the issue was that he since had left this location, on their boat, to Kingston and could not meet up at the dock. After exchanging information and pictures of the dock, I went for a scuba dive trying to locate his phone. Unfortunately, the bottom was extremely silty, with lots of weeds, and working again in zero visibility. Using my underwater metal detector, I was able to find (feel) a cell phone but not the right one. I went back a couple days later, this time using a strong fishing magnet but no luck. Finally, after talking with Tim again and fine tuning exactly where the phone had fell in, I went for a third time, scuba diving, and manage to find his phone. Another happy ending!


Lost and found IPhone at Bon Echo Provincial park

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

My adventure today was to meet up with Fatih at Bon Echo Provincial park. His IPhone fell out of his pocket while at a dock across Mazinaw lake. Fortunately for him, it was only about 10’ deep, laying flat on the bottom just before a huge drop off. While looking for his phone, also found another cell phone and four old pair of sunglasses. Absolutely beautiful day for a Scuba dive although a bit chilly with air temps of 12C and water temp of 65C. Another happy ending!

Diamond wedding band found Lancaster Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Today’s travel took me to Lancaster Ontario, where I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher and Nicole. They had rented a beautiful property, over a week ago, for their wedding and family vacation. Unfortunately, while the whole family was swimming, Christopher felt his new Diamond gold/tantalum ring slide off his finger while playing with the kids. The good part was that he was fairly certain where about the ring fell off. The bad part, it was in in about 8 feet of water with silt and weed bottom. They contacted their local Scuba club and a diver came out, on two occasion, with an underwater metal detector but had no luck finding the ring.

This is where I come in. At first, and keep in mind that you have ZERO visibility due to murky water but especially due to the silt being disturbed, I found a few targets (beer bottle cap, fishing lure, lead weights) with the Excalibur II metal detector, then using my pin pointer (mini detector) to narrow down the exact area, you “feel” each and every targets with your finger tips, mixed in with silt and other debris, to identify those items. About forty minutes into the dive, I heard this great signal and, using the technique described above, I finally felt his beautiful ring between my fingers. Once I surfaced, I was able to visually confirm it was his ring and the rest is history. Definitely ranks up there in level of difficulty but the outcome sure was worth it. Another happy ending.




Lost IPhone 13 Max Pro found in Stoney Lake Ontario

Well, today’s journey took me to Stoney Lake in The Kawarthas Ontario. Stefan (ironic) contacted me last evening about how he had lost his brand new IPhone 13 Pro Max earlier in the day. He was out in the water, helping his spouse while she was in a kayak, when suddenly, his IPhone slipped out of his pocket. All this while in shoulder deep water with a sudden drop off to the bottom. Like most Lake in the Kawathas, once you venture out of well used areas, there was a very thick layer of vegetation (weeds), followed by a couple feet of silt. Having come well prepared, grabbed my scuba gear and under water metal detector and started gridding the weed bed. Found his phone laying deep in the weeds in about 10 feet of water. The moment I lifted the phone out of the water, the phone started beeping/vibrating as it was receiving messages from the past 24 hours. I should mention that he had his phone in a water proof container which worked perfectly. Another happy customer especially since his phone was brand new and definitely not cheap.!!!!!



Lost Diamond engagement Ring found at Presqu’île Provincial park

Was contacted by Dawn on Facebook about her loosing her diamond engagement ring at the beach in Presqu’île Provincial park. This ring was lost back on 2nd of July, over a month ago. She had taken the ring off and placed it inside a small purse for safe keeping while at the beach. During her drive back home, she reached inside her purse and noticed it was full of sand and the ring was gone. Hoping that the ring had simply fell out of her purse, we traded a few Google earth pictures and details of what had happened, due to the fact that is not local to the area and couldn’t show me exactly where they were sitting. I headed out to do what I love best, in hope that the ring was still there, if at all.  After a couple hours of gridding the beach, with very few targets, I finally got a great signal and pulled her ring out of my sand scoop. Another happy ending!!!