Ring was lost for two weeks and found in fifteen minutes

  • de Santa Barbara (California, United States)

I received a call from Ryan, that he had lost his ring on a beach below a high cliff near a College in Santa Barbara. He told me it was lost two weeks prior. I agreed to try to find it, but advised him that it was not a high possibility because of other Beach Hunters and the normal traffic on the beach.

I met him, his wife, and young son at his home and followed them to the beach parking lot. There is a long wooden stairway (Ryan said 100 stairs) down to the beach. Fortunately the area he was at was empty of people. Ryan took care to make certain it was the right location which took a while, as he and his wife tried to remember where they were two weeks ago. With this information I marked off the perimeter that we all agreed was sure to include the place he believes he lost it.

They had their cute son with them and we agreed they would leave for home and I would hunt the area using my method of (as I call it) mowing a lawn from one end to the other. I assumed it would take at least an hour or more. I picked up a couple of hits that were junk items, but o my surprise I had a hit about fifteen minutes after I started and when I looked down I saw the ring. I didn’t even need my scoop.

I called them to come back on my cell phone and was told they hadn’t left yet. His wife asked if it had three diamonds on it and when I told her yes I am sure she was elated . What a nice surprise for them and me.

I was happy again to see the shocked look of happiness when I handed it to Ryan.

That part never gets old.

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