Nel Snake Coil finds Ring

  • from Lumberton (New Jersey, United States)

Hello all,

I received the “New” Nel Snake Coil Tuesday, I went out for an hour or so to try it out.

It’s on My AT-Pro running Pro-Zero at full sensitivity.

Awesome, little and very light weight coil.

The very first target I dug was a Steal Ring in a local park that is full of trash.

This small coil is great for getting in between all of those trash signals and picking out the good signals.

Also, the X-Pointer is a great pin-pointer!!!

Snake coil and ring


2 Replies to “Nel Snake Coil finds Ring”

  1. Great story Robert! How does that Snake Coil compare to the stock 5×8 DD coil?

  2. Robert Diehl says:

    Thanks Richard, the Nel Snake coil is about a 1/3 smaller then the 5×8. The Snake Coil is 6.5″ x 3.5″. It seems to have good depth and is very maneuverable. I like the closed loop design so it doesn’t get caught up in the twigs and branches. It mainly designed for extremely trashy areas. Nel says “The Snake Coil is designed to search on land heavily littered with iron and other debris. The shape of the coil helps to separate non-ferrous metal from iron.” and I would agree with that.

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