If it’s there, we’ll find it!

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Having just joined the Ring Finders directory, I hate the idea of starting out with nothing on my blog, so I’ll tell the story of my first ring recovery from 15 years ago.

It was 1995 (I think), and I was spending some time with my friend and his family when I noticed that his wife, Amy, wasn’t wearing her heirloom wedding.  She told me she had lost it while babysitting earlier that summer while playing with the kids at another friend’s home.  It was early winter at this time and after searching several times throughout the spring and summer they had pretty much given up hope.  I’d only been detecting for a year or so, but I told my friends to remind me in the spring and I’d give it a go and see if I could find it for them with my detector.

Well, spring came and we couldn’t make the arrangements to get to the home where the ring was lost.  Then summer came, and I hadn’t forgotten the lost ring.  I was finally to arrange a time to go to the home where my friend lost the ring and start the search.  I didn’t have much to go on other than Amy thought it was lost in the back yard.  Luckily the yard wasn’t huge and I had gotten enough experience by that time to feel very comfortable with my detector.  I had never found any gold up to that point so I was a bit nervous but I had logged enough hours that I was confident if the ring were really there I’d find it.

As it turned out it didn’t take long.  Working a grid pattern across the yard, after only a few passes, I received a good solid signal.  I cut a small plug, and there tangled in the roots of the grass, was this beautiful band of gold with a shiny diamond.  I was really excited that I had found the ring after being lost for over a year; so excited that I remember the story 15 years later.

Amy was of course very happy to have her ring back, and I was hooked on helping people find there lost treasures.

I’d love to help anyone recover their special memories (or just your keys).

Lost something?  give me a call!

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