Lost Engagement Ring Found in Albemarle County, Virginia

A while back, before becoming a Ring Finder, I received a call wanting to know if I’d help someone locate a lost engagement ring. I was already detecting in the area so, of course, I agreed. The lady had lost the ring during a very difficult time in her life. Her daughter had been severely injured by a drunk driver and, during the time of recovery, the mother had lost a lot of weight worrying over her daughter’s injuries. This caused the ring to slip off her finger one day in their front yard.

The ring had been lost for about 3 years. Upon arriving, the lady pointed out an area approximately 40′ x 60′ where she thought the ring might be. I started swinging my detector in one corner of the area and, within about 3 minutes, I’d found the ring just barely under the surface of the lawn. I rang her doorbell and when she opened the door, she had a disappointed look on her face, thinking I’d given up already. I told her to hold out her hand and then dropped the ring into her palm. The smile and tears were all the payment I needed!


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  1. Matt Boevers says:

    Way to go Richard I bet the look on his face was priceless

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Fantastic story and recovery…Hope her daughter is recovering!

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