Lost Princess Ring Found in Stuarts Draft, Virginia

princess ringannie ring
Last week, I was in the back yard planting some rose bushes for my dear wife. I had my XP Deus metal detector with me, using it to make sure I avoided the electric line buried close by. As I was finishing up, my daughter and granddaughter (who live next door), came over and were chatting with me. When my daughter saw my metal detector she said, “I wish you could find Annie’s princess ring with that thing.” I said, “Does she know about where she lost it?” My daughter, pointing to an area about 5 feet in diamter replied, “Yes, but we’ve already looked. I don’t think it’s there.”

So I fired up the metal detector and, within 5 seconds, got a good solid signal. I reached down and picked up one tiny princess ring which resulted in one happy, smiling little Princess!

I’ve owned a metal detector for over 10 years now, but this is my first recovery since becoming a Ring Finder this year. What a great way to initiate my membership!

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