• de Pinson (Alabama, United States)

On January 18, 2021, I received a text from Hallie Anderson asking if I could assist in searching for her husband Kyle’s ring. Kyle lost his ring on January 18 while feeding the geese at the lake behind his house with his daughter. As they were throwing bread to the geese Kyle’s ring slung off his hand and fell to the water below. He was in disbelief at what he had just witnessed as his ring  plummeted to the shallow depths close to shore. That’s what led to the search for someone who could help, as Hallie searched she came across The RingFinders web site. When I got the text due to my schedule as a firefighter, I told Hallie I could come out on January 20. When I arrived it was later in the afternoon and the temps were in the lower 50’s, we had freezing temperature in the week before and I knew the water would be cold. I got into my waders and tried to brave the cold water to see if  see if I could find the ring quickly. After about forty-five minutes to an hour I had to come out of the water due to the bone chilling cold. I asked if I could come back and look again because the temps were going to get higher in the coming days. A few days pasted  and the temps got warm. As anybody knows Alabama has two different severe weather seasons and this was one of them. The events of January 25 delayed me getting back to the search as a devastating tornado hit  an area  close to where I live. I spent time the night of the storm assisting the ravaged community, helping with  the search  for survivors. After the storm the temps bottomed out with highs in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s for the next week and a half. Finally I was able make it back to Hoover to look for the elusive ring in the murky water almost 3 weeks after Kyle lost his ring. I arrived at the Anderson’s on February 12 and came better prepared for my time in the water. After speaking to Kyle and Hallie I gathered my detector and changed my coil and stepped back into my waders. The water was not as bad as it seemed because the temperature had risen into the upper 60’s  and there a full bight sunny sky overhead. After searching about 10 minutes I heard and tone in my headphones and saw the target I.D. I was looking for. I dipped my scoop in the waist high water and up came a bight shinny gold ring. Like always it is a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone and see the big smiles and learn what it means to the people who lost it.