Lost Wedding Band Smiths Lake Australia...Found!

  • de New South Wales (Australia)

Kim and Mark were taking the dog for a swim in Smiths Lake on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia when Mark noticed that his wedding ring wasn’t where it should have been.

An hour and a half of searching and the ring was still hiding. A helpful local suggested giving me a call and luckily I was only an hour away.

A twenty minute search in two feet of clear water with a sandy sea bed (how rare are those ones) and the Excalibur II yelled at me.

A short time sifting through the sand and I felt the unmistakable shape of a ring, which I re-burried in the sand marking the spot with a plastic tent peg. I suggested to Mark that he  might like to feel around near the tent peg and a short time later he jumped up holding his wedding ring. Lots of smiles and some photos and another happy client.

Thank you to the random stranger who recommended The Ringfinders. img_0914img_0917

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