Lost Ring Grand Junction, Colorado

This ring finder can now be found in Grand Junction, Colorado. The move from Palmer, Alaska is a permanent one and with a longer sunny season there will be more time to metal detect.  I am an avid metal detectorist and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Grand Junction has great history and many beautiful and interesting places. If you have lost a ring or need help finding a lost item or artifact, call me and maybe we can find it together. If you own a metal detector and are looking for someone to hunt with feel free to contact me as well.


3 Replies to “Lost Ring Grand Junction, Colorado”

  1. Good luck on the new location….
    Larry Griffith, Southern France

    1. Thank you Larry, I am looking forward to more moderate winters and much sunnier days.

  2. Cody dit :

    Are you still actively detecting around Grand Jct? I’m new to the area and looking for good places to start outhe detecting. I just bought a garrett ace 350. Thanks

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