Platinum wedding band recovery!

  • from Ocean Park (Washington, United States)

Platinum wedding band.

John B’s platinum wedding band recovered from Hagg Lake Oregon.

John B’s platinum wedding band recovered from Hagg Lake in Oregon.  Met John where he knew the ring was and after a couple hours of searching it was found just before sunset.


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  1. John Beer dit :

    Mike was a hero! I lost my wedding ring swimming in Hagg Lake, in a spot where the bottom was very silty. I called him the next morning & he agreed to come out, even though it was over a 100 mile drive. He & his friend Mike set up and started looking. Two hours later he’d found a collection of beer caps, coins, and fishing sinkers. It was getting late & I suggested we call it a day. But Mike said he felt like he was getting close, and wanted to keep looking until sunset, an hour later. With about ten minutes to go, he picked up something he’d found out of his sifter. « What’s that? » I asked. « I think it’s your ring, » he said.

    Later he told me if I’d left at sunset, he would have kept going with a headlamp. But we’re both glad it didn’t come to that!

  2. Rachel B dit :

    Thank you so much for making the long drive to Hagg Lake and finding John’s ring!! We felt sick knowing it was lying there and we couldn’t see it in the mud and silt. It’s unbelievable that just 24 hours after losing it, we had it back. We are both so happy and relieved. Thank you so much, Michael!!. —Rachel B.

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