High School Class Ring Lost for 30 Years Found!

  • from Columbia (South Carolina, United States)

Mical was just fantastic!  We were on a metal detecting trip (my first ever) at a spot we thought might contain some Civil War relics.  He was patient with me and on my very first dig he even identified the coin before we dug it out of the ground!!  At the end of the day I mentioned that my grandfather lost his 1951 high school class ring almost 30 years ago in his garden.  My grandfather’s home was a different location about ten minutes away and we had less than an hour to search.  Mical told me if my grandfather lost it in his old garden then he (Mical) would find it.  Literally, after less than 20 minutes detecting the spot, Mical pulled out my grandfather’s ring in about 2-3 inches of soil!!  He was careful with it and cleaned it up some and we presented it to my grandfather right after Mical found it.  I cannot thank Mical enough and if you lose an item precious to you or your family call him first!  His professionalism, friendly demeanor, and genuine spirit of helping others says it all.  Call Mical first!!!  Thank you again from my family and I.

– Eric C.



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