Man's 14kt. Yellow Gold Wedding Band Found and Returned, North Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call from Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach) on August 16th about a lost ring in his neighborhood. Jim was out of town and asked if I would cover the call. I called Mike, the owner of the lost wedding band and started with all of the usual questions. Mike explained losing his wedding band in the green Atlantic Ocean about an hour before. When I researched the tide, I realized that he lost his ring at low tide. I called him back and explained that by the time I got my gear and drove the 30 miles up the coast we would miss our low tide window. I asked Mike if he was a morning person.

I met Mike and his daughter Christina at 5:00AM in front of their vacation house. We walked a block to the beach as Mike was telling me about his lost wedding band and the events leading up to the discovery of it missing. He thought he lost his ring in deeper water but showed me a picture taken by his wife Laura, married 24 years. In the photo Mike was standing at the water’s edge and shaking off his hands. He asked me if it looked like a ring on his finger. We all thought that it was. This would be great news if it was. It meant that I might not be getting wet in the pre-dawn darkness. We all rubbed our left earlobes for Ring God Homage as I started a 30-yard grid, 5 yards from the water line. Moving parallel to the water I got a great signal in the headphones of my trusted Minelab Excalibur on the second line. Mike and Christina used the lights on their phones to light my way as I forgot my headlamp in the truck. One scoop of sand and a kick revealed Mike’s Engraved 14kt. gold wedding band. « Let the Ring Dance begin ». Laughter, Hi-Fives and Hugs ensued. Well, that didn’t take long, and I didn’t have to get wet. We hung out on the beach for the next half hour and watched the sun rise in the east over the Atlantic. All was right with our world just then.

Jim, thank you for the referral. Mike, thank you for trusting The Ring Finders to do this search, and again thank you for the donation to our efforts.



2 Replies to “Man’s 14kt. Yellow Gold Wedding Band Found and Returned, North Myrtle Beach”

  1. Jim Wren dit :

    WTG Matt!! Great recovery and story!

  2. Michael dit :

    Wow!!! If you ever lost a ring, you know the sentimental value being lost is the most heartbreaking thing. I was on vacation with family in North Myrtle Beach and coming out of the water noticed my wedding ring gone. Really thought it was a lost cause and I don’t know what I was expecting when I googled “lost ring in ocean” but when I saw The Ring Finders I became hopeful. Talk about great customer service, they responded to my call in minutes. Jim was out of town so Matt was covering his turf. What a dynamic duo! Matt is a true detective, pulling up tide charts and asking for specific details. I could tell this guy knew his stuff and after finding my ring we were amazed by the stories of his other finds. Very blessed to have my ring back on my finger and forever grateful!!! Thanks so much guys!

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