White Gold Heirloom Wedding Band Returned In Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

A couple weeks ago, I received a call from Jennifer. It was 2 days before she had lost her heirloom white gold engagement ring and wedding band. Jennifer had lost them in the surf while throwing a football with her son and husband. (Left Handed).This ring set belonged to her grandmother Helen.  Jennifer’s mother had been presented the rings on her 50th birthday. Helen gave instructions to pass the vintage ring set to Jennifer on her 50th birthday. I was very cognizant of the sentimental value of these rings. Talking to Jennifer, she gave me very good information on where she felt the rings would be in relation to tides and area on the beach. Jennifer and family had a fishing charter trip the next day. I headed to the beach without meeting them there. Somehow I missed the tide time on the charts and showed up an hour and a half after the correct time for low tide. Also, the parking meter was not accepting credit cards, so I could only hobble together enough change for an hour and a half search time. I was very frustrated with myself for not being better prepared. The following day I met Jennifer, her husband Mark and their son, on the beach. I had a better fix on the tides and a fist full of quarters for the meter. Prepared Right? After searching for a few minutes I realized I had not plugged any money into the meter, so poor Mark was running back and forth to the parking meter every hour as I searched for the prized ring set. After about 30 minutes I got a great signal on the Excalibur II and scooped a beautiful wedding band laced with diamonds. I motioned for Jennifer. She and Mark joined me in the shallow surf to confirm that I had found the wedding band. We are half way home. Logic would say that the engagement ring would be within feet of the band. I grid and cross grid this area for the next hour. I expanded the grid twice over the next hour with no luck. Losing my low tide window I told them I would return in the next couple days to give it another try. Jennifer and family returned home the next day with one ring and not two. I have since returned to this area 3 more times trying to complete our mission and have failed each time. This is the first time on a multiple ring search that I have returned only one. It really is bitter sweet for everybody concerned. I have not given up on the second ring, but for now the story remains as is. Hopefully I will be able to tell « The Rest of The Story »

Jennifer and Mark, keep rubbing that left earlobe.


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  1. Jennifer Steinhart dit :

    I can’t say Thank You for your efforts and time to Matthew Fry enough. I am truly blessed to have found out about ring finders through a friend from home. I texted my best friend 2 days after I lost them. I was devastated and didn’t want to admit to myself I lost the rings. She immediately texted me back about an article she saw from the today show about ring finders. I googled the link and found Matthew searches the Mrytle Beach area. I immediately called him. He couldn’t have been more encouraging and helpful. He gave me hope in what I though was a hopeless situation. He poured his heart and soul into looking for my grandmother’s rings. A’s you’ve read I have the wedding band and he is still inspired to look for the engagement ring. Matthew is truly a angel from God inspired to help bring smiles back to strangers faces.

  2. OC CCOP dit :

    Keep up the good work. I found two one time and spend hours trying for the third. Never made the connection. I get it. OC COP.

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