Surf Church Evening Service, Found and Returned Man's Cobalt Wedding Band

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On my way home from dinner with the misses I got a call from Jim Wren, TRF North Myrtle Beach. He had just gotten a call from Chris who had just lost his cobalt wedding band in Myrtle Beach. Getting the contact info from Jim, I called Chris back. I told Chris I would be there in 30 minutes.

I met Chris on the beach in front of the resort where they were staying. Chris was getting ready to go to dinner with his lovely bride of 8 years. He showed me the place on the beach where they were sitting and then pointed to a place in the surf line where he said he took a spill while exiting the water after swimming. He told me either place was a possibility as he was not sure when the ring came off. I told Chris to go to dinner and I would go to work and that I would contact him If I had good news. I quickly eliminated the 20′ x 30′ area where they were sitting. I moved to the edge of the surf line and started a 100′ line parallel to the water. I noticed a 1 foot deep trough just inside the water’s edge and figured that is where he fell and that is where I will find the ring. Sure enough the second pass in the trough, in knee deep water, gave me a great signal on my Excalibur II detector. BINGO! I sent Chris a message on his phone with a picture. « Looks Like This? » He called me back immediately to confirm that it was his wedding band. He and Jena were driving to dinner, but turned around to retrieve their prized wedding band. This would be a great ending to a successful 2 ring search day.

Chris and Jena thank you for the reward. 15% will be donated to The Children’s Shrine Hospital « Road Runners » Transportation Team.


3 Replies to “Surf Church Evening Service, Found and Returned Man’s Cobalt Wedding Band”

  1. Jim Brouwer dit :

    Great Job!! Super Day for sure!

  2. Mark Paddack dit :

    Nice work.

  3. Chris Ehlers dit :

    Matt was the answer to our prays when we figured out my ring went missing on Myrtle Beach. He was very understanding and the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He some how give me some comfort with the harsh situation of my missing wedding ring that could be somewhere in the sand or ocean. He assured me he would do his best and to rub my left ear lobe for good luck then he went to work. Not more then an hour later, I get text message from Matt with a picture of my ring. Word can not express the excitement, relief, and joy that came with that picture. I can not thank Matt enough for his skills, professionalism, and kindness! Thank you Matt!

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