Men's White Gold and Diamond Wedding Band Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an urgent email from Julia on Tuesday about a lost ring in the ocean. Julia did not leave a phone number, so I emailed back. I got a return phone call from her about 6:30 that night. She put her brother Bailey on the phone as he was the owner of the lost ring. Julia is a local and was being visited by her brother. Bailey was referred to me by a local life guard named Hanna. I made arrangements to meet Bailey at 7:30 in the morning for the next low tide.

I arrived at the beach and Bailey was already there. He told me how he and his son were boogie boarding the day before near high tide. He told me how a wave crushed him into the bottom and jerked the board from his hands. He told me he saw the ring come off and land into the running surf. We joked about it happening in slow motion like Frodo’s ring glistening in the sun as it flew through the air. Bailey put me in a good location for the lost ring and I started a 50 yard wide grid running parallel to the surf. I thought I would find his wedding band around the low tide water line, but I started about mid slope to quickly eliminate that as a search area. On my third pass in the grid search I got a beautiful mid tone in the phones of my Excalibur II. One scoop of sand at 4 inches and I had his diamond encrusted wedding band in the scoop. Bingo I said as I plucked it out of the sand scoop and handed it to him. He stared at it for a moment and then exclaimed « That’s Amazing ». Bailey then told me he had not told his wife that he had lost his wedding band. The ring’s story gets to continue, hopefully for another 14 years on his finger. Another happy ending.


Bailey, I wish you well on your return to Texas. Thank you for the generous reward. I hope the shoulder heels up soon.


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  1. Daniela dit :

    Awesome job Matthew! You are amazing!

  2. Bailey Dixon dit :

    Thank you Matthew, this was truly an amazing find, after 2 tides coupled with swift currents, I had truly give this ring up for a total loss. My wife had no idea that I had lost it and my 9 year son was out to bust me, so I knew I had to spring into action! Thank you Hannah(lifeguard at Sea Island Resort) for your referral to Mathew Fry of Ringfinders, he is a true professional and l would recommend his service, a record find in less than 15 minutes, thank you again my dear friend Matthew Fry! God Bless

    Bailey Dixon

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