Another Ringfinders Mission Ends In Success!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • from New Glarus (Wisconsin, United States)

It was a couple of weeks ago that Corey called me and said that he had lost his wedding ring while making firewood at a farm. Last weekend was warm and MUDDY so we waited til today for it to be a little cooler and for the site to firm up. I got there at around Β 9a.m. and Corey showed me where he had been working in the span of time in which he thought the ring was lost. For the newer members, it is OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE that you question people (nicely) and listen carefully to the detail of their story. This gentleman was VERY clear and sure of himself in his recollection of events, which made it easy to begin the search. While he went back to cutting wood, I started with the first area he indicated. After 15 minutes I moved to area 2, then 3. After roughly 45 minutes with only a few pieces of small stray junk, I backtracked to area 2 but went just a bit deeper into the brush. A clear and strong repeatable signal on my Minelab Explorer 2 told me that this was very possibly the ring I was after. Since neither of us new the exact alloy of the ring, I had been planning on digging a decent β€œrange” of targets. As it turns out, I just had to flip over a couple of dried leaves to see the ring standing almost straight up and down in the ground clutter. At this point I was ECSTATIC that in this environment I was actually able to locate it! I walked down to where Corey was running his chainsaw and signaled to him to β€œCOME HERE!” He quickly shut the saw down and we made our way back up the hill to where the ring was. I had not even touched it. I pointed to it as he saw it with a look of disbelief. It took a few seconds for him to mentally generate words! Needless to say, we parted ways shortly thereafter with a hearty handshake of congratulations on BOTH our parts. Without his rock solid intel and my rock solid skills as an operator, this very well may have ended differently. But it didn’t! And now we both have a good story to tell for awhile to come.

If YOU have lost a ring, or other jewelry, or any other valuable item, don’t hesitate to contact me or one of the many Ringfinders in your area. We are PROS at what we do, and are proud to be able to give you a great chance of getting that item back, no matter how small you think the chances might be!


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