Lost Ring in Missouri or Kansas

  • de Lee's Summit (Missouri, United States)

Hello. My name is Kenny House. I’ve been metal detecting since 1985 and a member of  The Ring Finders! If you’ve lost jewelry I’ll do my best to find it. I search parks, beaches, tot lots and even in the water to 5ft deep. I work on a reward basis whatever your comfortable with. There is a minimum call out fee of $30 to cover travel expenses for local areas. I’ll search just about anywhere in central Missouri and central Eastern Kansas.  Just give me a call. My phone number is 816-697-3646 , email mowerdog@gmail.com   Or go to www.theringfinders.com and look me up. Thanks! Kenny

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  1. Paige says:

    Hello Kenny! I just left you a voicemail. I am wondering if you are available today or sometime this weekend to come and look for an engagement ring. I am located in Prairie Village, KS. Please call me at 314-753-0405. Thank you!

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