Lost FDNY Retirement Ring... Found!

I received the following email from Liam:

“Hi Justin I just discovered your website. My dad could use a hand ASAP he lost his FDNY retirement ring he’s been wearing for the past 15 years. He’s here on vacation for his 60th birthday. We know the exact location. It fell off his finger about 8 hours ago. The tide might have moved it but he thinks it’s in this shallow patch of sand. He searched three hours till caving in.”

Liam’s father Tom is a retired New York City Fire Department Lieutenant who received this ring from his men upon retirement. I arrived at the search site in Kahala at about 5PM. The search area was about 50’×20’ and was enclosed by reefs on the east and south sides. Tom’s ring slipped off his finger while taking a leisurely dip in the water. The water was averaging about 3ft deep with some current and wave action. I started searching the back edge of the search area and gradually worked my way in towards shore.

About 30 minutes into the search, I received a faint low tone about 10ft from shore in 3’ of water. I made a scoop then sifted out the sand and saw a pulltab which was about 6” deep. I made another scan and found that there was still something in the hole. I made a second scoop and found Tom’s retirement ring!




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