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Wedding ring lost DURING CEREMONY, Stone Harbor, NJ Recovered!!

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Well it goes without saying that you never know what kind of events may lead up to a ring getting lost. This story is no exception. On May 8th I was contacted by the best man of a wedding party. He explained that during the couples ceremony, at a bayside resort, he had accidentally dropped the brides ring onto the deck and it slipped thru the cracks and into the bay! At the time he had called I was headed out to dinner with my family for Mother’s Day and it was just about high tide. After receiving some pictures and descriptions of the area I knew this could be very challenging as the search area was located under a deck / pier that extended over the bulkhead and into the bay. I figured it would be best to wait until dead low tide as the area was in about 12-15’ of water at the moment. Around 12:30am I headed over with a friend whom was lending a hand and met up with the remaining members and guests of the wedding party. Luckily the staff at “The Reeds” in Stone Harbor NJ were awesome at helping to pinpoint the area and provide a floating dock to work from, kind of like Tom Sawyers raft, lol. They even went so far as to remove some of the mahogany decking in an attempt to locate the ring. Obviously the wedding party was devastated over this accident and all reasonable attempts were made to find the dropped ring. You could feel the obvious tension surrounding the events that unfolded and this just drove the determination to a positive outcome further! After making our way down to the dock we boarded the floating dock and paddled under the deck / pier to the approximate area. After checking for about 15-20 minutes I was able to recover the brand new never worn rose gold and diamond band!! Much to my and everyone’s relief! The ring was under some of the structural members in about 2’ of water amongst some horseshoe crabs. The bride, groom, best man and remaining members of the wedding party were ecstatic!! Another happy couple! Congratulations and here’s to a lifetime of happiness!!
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Lost rings, Cape May, NJ FOUND!

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Received a call from Christy explaining that both of her rings flew off her fingers while she was brushing sand from her children’s face and disappeared into the sand. Christy and her family had just arrived in town for vacation and proceeded right to the beach once they arrived. Took the short ride over and met up with Christy and her husband. After gathering some details, I had both rings in the scoop in a matter of about 10 minutes. Relieved, Christy and her family can now enjoy the rest of their vacation!!

Lost ring Cape May, New Jersey, FOUND!

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Received a call regarding a men’s gold band that “flung” off while shaking out a blanket on the beach. The client explained that he and his wife were in town celebrating their one year anniversary. Took a short ride over and met up with client, his ring was recovered several minutes later.

Lost rings Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, FOUND!

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Received a call yesterday late morning about a lost wedding ring set. Jess explained that she had taken her ring, which was actually three rings fused together, off and placed it in her wallet which was then placed in her beach bag. At some point during the day she thought one of her kids may have knocked it out of the purse while looking for money for the ice cream man, but neither she or her kids were sure. She had already returned home to PA before realizing that the ring was missing. Jess was able to provide some location details and given the time of day she called and it’s possible location I thought it would be best to try for it after the crowds had cleared. Took a ride over later in the afternoon and recovered the platinum diamond ring in about 20 minutes. 

Comments from Jess: “I can not explain my emotions after coming home and realizing that my wedding ring was gone. I kept trying to trace every step and thing I did and just kept searching thinking it would appear. I don’t like to wear my ring on the beach because it gets so dirty but this has been a big lesson for sure. I literally was so sick in my stomach all day yesterday and honestly thought it was gone for good as the chances of finding it were so slim. Thank goodness I found Jeff and his team. He was professional, asked the right questions, and got the job done! He was incredible and I could never thank him enough!”

Lost rings in Wildwood Crest NJ, FOUND!

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First recovery of 2020 is a success. Received a call from Jackie explaining that she believes she “may” have inadvertently dropped her FOUR rings yesterday while at the beach with her family. After gathering some details I met up with Jackie and her husband, at the beach, about 30 minutes later. This recovery took less than five minutes. Literally walked two steps into the search area and BAM all four popped out of the shallow sand. Jackie broke down immediately, understandably, as one of the four rings belonged to her mother. No hugs due to COVID but super happy to say the least. She is very fortunate that these rings survived in the area they were in for an entire day without being found by a free lance Detectorist.

Ring lost during proposal in Cape May, NJ FOUND!

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Received a call from Jordan on December 21st, 2019. Jordan was in the process of proposing to his girlfriend on Sunset Beach in Cape May when the engagement ring evidently fell out of the box unbeknownst to him. After gathering a few details from Jordan, we setup a time to meet and I headed over to Sunset Beach. I arrived before Jordan and his father so I decided to take a walk down to see if I could figure out where they may have been. Sure enough the tell tale signs were there so I began searching where I believed they may have been. After a brief 10 minute search I had the ring in my scoop! I went back to the parking lot and awaited Jordans arrival. He and his father were in total shock and disbelief that I had already recovered the ring before they arrived. After reuniting Jordan with the ring his father explained how much of a roller coaster of emotions the day had been. All recoveries are emotional for the clients, for many different reasons, and no two are ever the same, but sometimes there are the ones that really make providing this service warm your heart. This is one of them. I attached the reuniting video but it is a bit dark.

Here are some comments and reviews of service from Jordan and his family:

Jordan Page “Hey Jeff! This is me and my fiance with our recovered ring she loves it and we are so thankful to you. You changed what was one of the worst tragedies into one of those great moments you rember for a lifetime. You reaffirmed my faith in humanity and decency. You are truely a hero! To come out at 10pm on a sat night in winter is unbelievable enough let alone. Your integrity in finding the ring before we got there and holding it shows how much of an amazing honest person you are and that is rare these days. We and I personally can not thank you enough the joy even as I write this is overflowing. Everyone in town has been asking us about it and I’m singing your praises as the savior of our engagement. I got a call from sunset beach gift shop checking in about if we found the ring and I told them how awesome you were. He told me to send him a picture of your card so he can give your info to anyone that needs your services. Thank you so so much.”

Keith Page “First, Jeff, Thank You for finding Jordan’s ring…you are amazing!
You came out on a cold Saturday night and before we even got there, you had the ring, again, thank you…I cannot say it enough!
As a father, knowing what Jordan went through to get to this point and then seeing the video of him on his knee proposing and then his reaction realizing that the ring had fallen out and disappeared into the sand, it brought tears to my eyes for him.
You, the helpful people on the beach, the staff at the Sunset Beach Gift shop, my son’s fiance and her two beautiful children, my wife, all turned an emotional roller coaster of a night into one of the most positive and memorable evenings of our lives.
Thank you again, you really are a good person, you have had a positive impact on everyone’s life that you have helped by helping them find something they lost, please keep doing what you do, it does not go unnoticed.
Our very best to you,
Keith & Karen Page, Jordan and his beautiful family. By the way, Maria said yes!”

Karen Page “There really should be more people like you, Jeff! You don’t just provide a much needed service, you restore people’s faith in others along with restoring their precious items. A truly remarkable thing, and very much appreciated! You Rock!”

Lost ring Cape May, NJ FOUND!

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Received a call from Mike yesterday (7/2/19) afternoon. Mike had lost his wedding band in the surf a few days ago. Needed to wait for low tide which wasn’t until 3:30 am this morning, decided to go for the early am tide as the crowds for the afternoon low were going to be heavy. Took a ride over this morning and picked the ring in a few minutes. It was reunited with its (newly wed) owner this morning. Client unavailable for photo.


Lost ring in Wildwood, NJ FOUND!

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Received a call from Travis after his wedding band dropped into the surf while attempting to secure it to his drawstring on his bathing suit. After gathering some information from Travis I decided to take the family to the beach where he lost the band since we were headed out to the beach anyways. Conducted a brief 20 minute hunt and recovered the ring in “about” knee deep water, much to the relief of Travis (I think he thought it couldn’t be done 😉)

Clients (wife) review of service: “Thanks so much Jeff for coming out on a Sunday and saving the day! We definitely thought it was gone forever. So lucky we found you. Absolutely amazing!!”

Lost ring in Cape May, NJ FOUND!

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Received a call for a gold / diamond wedding band that was flung off a beach towel into the sand. After speaking with the client and conducting a brief hunt, the ring was back in the clients possession. All smiles.

Clients review of service:    “Jeff was great in helping me find my lost wedding band in the sand. We weren’t exactly sure where it was and hours had past with lots of people treking through the area. In under 5 minutes, Jeff found it! I should have called earlier. 5 stars and would recommend Jeff to everyone!”


Lost ring in Cape May, N.J. FOUND!

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Received a call from Adam this evening. He explained that his platinum band flew off his finger while he was brushing sand off his hands. Took the short ride from home down to the beach and met up with Adam. He had the ring back on his finger ten minutes later.

Clients review of service:   “Can’t say enough about Jeff. Returned my call quickly. Met him out at the beach in under a couple hours. Ring was found within 5 minutes. Just a good guy doing a great service. Can’t say enough.”