Tiny diamond earring found in backyard

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

Last night I was contacted by Heinrich who explained that while his wife was playing with one of their children, her 18crt gold diamond earring fell into the grass on their back lawn.

My first thoughts were, it’s so small I’ll never find it.

This morning I arrived at their house and Heinrich met me at the door with the other earring, when it was laid in the grass my detector was able to give me a low tone that I would use to hopefully find it.

As I worked around the grass the sound I was looking for was everywhere because it was also the noise for tin foil!

In the middle of the lawn again I heard the tone, I gently parted the grass as I had done many times before and there it was a tiny piece of metal and stone within the grass.

Heinrich was really glad to get it back and I’m sure his wife was too! 


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