Lost ring in garden found

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

I got a call in the evening from a young man whose wife (Gurdeep) had lost her 14 crt gold diamond ring in their garden.
You never know what the search area will be like, I hoped it would be a small area and not lost in some spiney bush.
When I arrived l noted 2 small areas and a bigger garden at the front. Gurdeep showed me the larger garden where the ring had been lost.
The ring had been thrown from a 5 metre distance and it was assumed that it had landed in some ground hugging succulents.
I started by asking her to stand at the point where she had been the other day, then I gave her an object of similar weight and asked her to throw that to give me a starting point.
It landed near the succulents, in this area I detected a long metal object under the ground (probably a pipe) and then some other rubbish. I checked the tone and target ID on her other ring so I new what it would sound like.
After going around the garden I still didn’t have a target, so I crawled under the big palm tree and used my pinpointer around a volcanic rock I was up against.
I pushed the dead spiney fronds away and worked the pinpointer in the undergrowth,  beeeep and there it was further in than first thought, but found! Gurdeep was so happy 😊
Ian, Auckland NZ.

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