Ian Scott, Author at The Ring Finders

Garmin Smart watch returned to owner

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

A couple of days ago I was out on the beach using my metal detector when I pulled a Garmin smart watch out of the sand, it is not a common find and it was still working which was great because most items if not waterproof are ruined.
I took it home and thought about handing it in, after all someone would be missing it.
Handing it in was not really an option as the local officer was never there when I took it in.
So after some fiddling with the watch I came across a social media contact who passed on my cellphone number to the owner, Calum a Maraetai local.
Calum was excited to get it back as he thought he would never see it again.
I’m just glad he got it back .
Ian Beachlands, NZ.

Tiny diamond earring found in backyard

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

Last night I was contacted by Heinrich who explained that while his wife was playing with one of their children, her 18crt gold diamond earring fell into the grass on their back lawn.

My first thoughts were, it’s so small I’ll never find it.

This morning I arrived at their house and Heinrich met me at the door with the other earring, when it was laid in the grass my detector was able to give me a low tone that I would use to hopefully find it.

As I worked around the grass the sound I was looking for was everywhere because it was also the noise for tin foil!

In the middle of the lawn again I heard the tone, I gently parted the grass as I had done many times before and there it was a tiny piece of metal and stone within the grass.

Heinrich was really glad to get it back and I’m sure his wife was too! 


Lost keys found in long grass

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

Merrill lost her keys in the grass and after a frantic look decided to get a metal detector to find them. After investigating ways to hire them a friend suggested she get in touch with New Zealand Ring Finder.
I was contacted and straight away I knew that they had to be found after all her car was still there. I ran over to the lawn mower guy to stop cutting in the search area and then started a search around the edge, she said that she had been on top of the hill near the long grass.
Searching in knee high grass is not very practical for a metal detector and I wasn’t having much luck with it anyway.
It was the black cord on the keys that led me to them.
Well as you can imagine Merrill was ecstatic.

Lost ring in garden found

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

I got a call in the evening from a young man whose wife (Gurdeep) had lost her 14 crt gold diamond ring in their garden.
You never know what the search area will be like, I hoped it would be a small area and not lost in some spiney bush.
When I arrived l noted 2 small areas and a bigger garden at the front. Gurdeep showed me the larger garden where the ring had been lost.
The ring had been thrown from a 5 metre distance and it was assumed that it had landed in some ground hugging succulents.
I started by asking her to stand at the point where she had been the other day, then I gave her an object of similar weight and asked her to throw that to give me a starting point.
It landed near the succulents, in this area I detected a long metal object under the ground (probably a pipe) and then some other rubbish. I checked the tone and target ID on her other ring so I new what it would sound like.
After going around the garden I still didn’t have a target, so I crawled under the big palm tree and used my pinpointer around a volcanic rock I was up against.
I pushed the dead spiney fronds away and worked the pinpointer in the undergrowth,  beeeep and there it was further in than first thought, but found! Gurdeep was so happy 😊
Ian, Auckland NZ.

Lost ring Mellons Bay Auckland

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

I was just thinking about getting into the pool when I looked at my phone and realized I had missed a call.

It was from Sean who was swimming with friends at Mellons Bay, East Auckland.
It was a really hot day, after applying sunscreen he entered the water.

At that moment he changed the ring to a tighter finger to keep it safe, except that is when it fell off.
His friends threw a big rock in the surf to mark the area, as it was high tide, this turned out to be a good idea as it gave me a reliable starting point.

4 hours later I attempted a rescue mission, I met them on the beach in front of where they thought it was.
The water was rough so it was inevitable we would all get wet, I started in front of the rock getting slammed by waist high waves trying to concentrate on keeping my balance.
Moving my metal detector around in the water I heard scratchy whispery noises, but I was after a loud tone, my detector has a screen so I can see shapes as well.

They said over here so I went there and got nothing, after a while I wondered if it was further out and then came a tone and a round shape.
I said I think this is it, it had to be because there was nothing else, then a wave crashed and I lost it.
More searching, I thought after all this it would be pretty cruel for it to be bottle top Lire le reste de cette entrée & raquo;

Lost wedding ring while gardening, Auckland NZ

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

This 18crt wedding band was lost in the garden for a week before Raj contacted me to have me look for it. He showed me a box garden, deck with some lifted boards and under a citrus tree where he had been working. I started at the citrus tree recovering a nail and a small piece of foil.
The next target was the ring in the dirt not far from the surface, Raj had spent many hours raking and working the soil.
It just shows how easily they can be missed.
So a happy ending and after 44 years of marriage it was well worth getting back.

Ring lost for 2 days before being found!

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

Luisa contacted me to say that while packing up the family picnic at Maraetai Beach Auckland.
She lost her ring in between shaking the rug and retrieving the kids clothes near the shore.
I wasn’t able to hunt for a couple of days and was convinced after hunting in the wrong place that it had been picked up on this very popular Beach for metal detecting.
Luckily for both of us Luisa turned up to check on my progress and gave me the search area.
I set out boundaries in the sand and then grid searched that area. I found a silver ring and a dog tag, then we decided to extend the search area.
I worked my way back towards the waters edge, the beach is a very clean beach so it was easy to dig each target and know it could be the ring.
I dug a target that was a gold signal and fortunately it was a gold ring, I asked Luisa to come and look at it to see if it was hers.
It was hers, she shed tears of relief, another job done.


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Lost earring found under kitchen cabinets

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)

I was contacted by an agency working on behalf of a well-known insurance firm to see if I could locate an earring lost somewhere in a kitchen.
The earrings were a birthday gift from the clients husband, I decided to take on the challenge even though it was likely to be a difficult search.
When I arrived at her house Barbara showed me the bench where she had been cleaning her jewellery and next to it was a waste disposal unit. I hoped it hadn’t gone down there as it likely would be long gone. She said she had been cleaning the earring before she dropped it.
I started by using a very bright torch to check under the fridge and in the cupboards.
It soon became apparent that the earring wasn’t where she had thought it had landed.  I had also come prepared with an endoscopic inspection camera.
After looking more closely around the cupboards Barbara suggested the gap under the dishwasher behind the cabinetry. After 5 minutes of dragging the camera tubing back and forth I came across a very reflective object. The picture was not great but I was pretty confident it was the earring.
We both decided a tradesman would need to remove part of the dishwasher door to look into the space and remove the earring.
Today she texted me to say thankyou
and to let me know they found the earring right in the place I had said it would be, she said I can’t thank you enough. My daughters partner James managed to get through the dishwasher to find it yesterday. Merry Christmas. Thanks Barbara🎄

Lost ring while swimming

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)
  • I was contacted by Neve who had been swimming at Maraetai Beach when her ring slipped of her finger.
    I decided to go down at 5am to catch the low tide, the weather was warm with light winds, making the water calm.
    She explained that she had lost the ring at about 3 in the afternoon in the water.
    I figured that at 5 am the place she lost it would not be covered in water, so that is where I started, right on the waters edge.
    I suppose I walked up the beach about 25 metres, this beach is regularly hunted by hobby detectorists, so there wasn’t a single other target.
    I got a target that I thought might be a penny, but when I pushed the sand away, I found her ring staring back at me.
    I sent Neve a picture of the ring and got back the message, ‘Ah amazing thank you so much!!
    Its not every day you get your target on your first hole.
    Ian (East Auckland NZ).

Lost ring inherited from father

  • de Auckland (New Zealand)
  • A young lady contacted me to say her friend Nick had lost his gold sygnet ring in the dry sand at Eastern Beach, Auckland NZ.
    She provided me with some pictures of the beach and an address opposite from where they were sitting to get me started.
    I had been out most of the day at a Christmas function, so as soon as I got home I threw my gear in the car and headed for the beach.
    As I arrived a passerby who had helped them try to find it turned up to give me directions, the search area was relatively small, but was littered with low denomination coins and trash.
    After covering the area I extended the search to see if the ring had been flicked by the blanket when they packed up, this turned out to be the right decision, after walking a few paces I came across a tone that sounds like a ring pull from a can.
    As I gently moved the sand with my hand out  came a nice yellow metal…gold.
    I sent her a picture of the ring in the sand and she said ‘That’s it!!!’
    Then I got a call from a very excited Nick, the ring was his dad’s and it had his initials engraved on it. Lire le reste de cette entrée & raquo;