Lost Wedding Ring Found at Blue Marsh Reservoir Swimming Area. Pennsylvania

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On Sunday July 28th at 8:30am I received an email from Greg S. that he had lost his 14k gold wedding band while swimming at the Blue Marsh Reservoir swimming area on Saturday the 27th. 

I immediately called Greg and after a short interview over the phone, I headed for the Blue Marsh. I arrived quickly and after making the necessary preparations entered the water at 9:15am. While there I noticed another detectorist in the water and asked him if he had found anything, which he responded he did not. 

 I started an east-west grid search from the mid-point buoy marker to its left side and received no positive target tones. I then began a north-south grid search, and after 3 hours, I left the water as the area was very crowded with swimmers.  I returned back at 3:30pm, and although it was still very crowded, managed to expand the search area more toward the center, but still was not successful. 

I must have called Greg 3 times to explain to me what his activity was when he lost the ring and where he was relative to the pavilions.  At 6:30pm I decided to stop for the day, but would return the next morning. I stayed in contact with Greg when I got home and he told me he would like to meet me there the next day…I said c’mon down, gave him a description of my truck, and told him I would most likely already be in the water.

I was at the gate Monday morning the 29th when the rangers opened it.  I registered my presence at the park and paid the day fee.  I was in the water at 8:05am and began another east-west grid search where I could not the day before because of the swimmers.  At about 9:30am I met Greg who explained the area where he was swimming.  I continued my grid more to the right of center then I had been before and then I got it; the tone of tones I was looking for. 

By now the water was at my chin and after about eight attempts to get it in my scoop, there along with a lot of small crushed rocks was the glint of gold.  I picked it out and placed it on my finger.  I exited the water and approached Greg and said to him “Please tell me this is your ring”, he looked at it, checked it, and said “Yes, it’s mine”!  He told me his wife was very distraught over the loss of the ring, and it took only about 30 seconds for her to call him back and give her the good news. Here’s the smiling face of Greg with his ring.  072913 HAPPY GREG S. FOUND IT!

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