Father's Heirloom Ring Found in Burlington, KY

  • de Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

Received a call while at lunch on Friday, from a gentleman who explained he was distraught because he had lost a ring his father had given him. He had been wearing the ring for years and while working around his home and yard all the day before, the gentleman was certain he had lost his ring somewhere on his property. He was hoping to cut his lawn on Saturday and so we agreed to meet after work because I just happened to have my gear with me.

He explained to me that he used to detect himself and had considered renting a detector and searching for the ring himself, but he was worried about a bad hip and after finding the Ring Finders web site and reading about some of our successes, he decided to give me a call.

When I arrived, we walked the areas he felt where we would most likely find his ring and I got to work gridding those areas. After about forty five minutes or so I had covered those most probable areas and so we broadened the search areas and I continued my gridding. I was down to the short rows, and starting to get worried as I was completing a full circle around his home when I widened my search zone and got the signal I had been hoping for. It was getting dark, but the last rays of the sunset glinted off of the ring when I looked down and I was so happy to have found it.

When I went up to his door I could see he was sad to see no ring in my hand and so I showed him some of the junk that I had found and then told him that near a downspout out back I found this. I held out his ring and his face lit up with surprise and we hugged and I think that he may have been even happier than I was to be able to return his father’s ring to him!

These are the moments that make being a ring finder most worthwhile!

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