Wedding Rings - Tossed and Found in NKY

  • de Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a text on Saturday morning from a woman in Northern Kentucky, who after returning home late on Friday evening from her son’s baseball tournament, was cleaning up the family car when she discovered she had lost her wedding rings.

While emptying the car and getting it ready for more tournament games, a cooler had spilled in the front floor well and it was later after tossing the ice from the car, that she realized the ice had probably shrunk her fingers and that her wedding rings had flown off of her hand during the cleanup.

Searching on hands and knees, she was able to locate her engagement ring in an expansion joint in the driveway, but her wedding band proved harder to track down. Using one of their son’s metal detectors they had had no luck and a neighbor even assisted with his detector, searching for over an hour. but still having no luck.

Locating the Ring Finders site, I was contacted and we arranged to meet later that evening. Walking me through what had happened and showing me the engagement ring, we tried to determine the most likely path for the ring, but with the previous searches undertaken, I widened my search grid and got started. While getting started, I noticed their utilities were buried under ground, and that because the home was relatively new construction and so, there was plenty of noise.

As we were uncertain which side of the driveway the ring might be on, I chose one and I started my search at the street, working my way back up to about where the engagement ring had been found. I was about to give up and switch sides, when about two feet from the driveway, just next to the expansion joint where the engagement ring had been found, I got the signal I was hoping for.

Though we had gotten lucky and recovered both rings, unfortunately, one of the small diamonds in the wedding band was missing, possibly lost when the ring bounced on their driveway, but we were both still very happy that this ring was recovered!

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