Wedding rings lost while walking dog - Recovered in Kettering, Ohio

  • de Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

Many Thanks to the Ring Finder who referred this young women to me because I was located closer to the area where she lost her rings! After taking her rings off to wash her hands and put some lotion on, she remembered placing them in her cargo pants pockets. Afterward, she and her husband took their two dogs for their daily, mile and a half, walk. Returning home and noticing her rings were missing, she could remembered pulling her phone out of her pocket several times but she could not remember hearing the rings hit the pavement. She and her husband walked the route several times over the next few days and nights with lights, but they did not locate the rings.

We arranged to meet and after hearing her story, we decided to walk the route she regularly walked her dogs with me following along behind her in the grass to her right on the way out. As luck would have it, after less than a two hundred yard walk involving lots of stooping and probing the grass for somewhat promising signals that I heard the strong signal I was hoping for and I saw her ring lying in the grass just next to the sidewalk. I wish I had a captured picture of the look on her face when I stooped one more time and rising, held out her rings. Her smile and happy tears more than made the trip worthwhile!


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