Lost Engagement Ring in Killeen, TX - Found

  • de Harker Heights (Texas, United States)

It can be a long wait between calls for Ringfinders, but you never know when you’ll get one (or two). Such was the case recently. When my phone rang, while I was outside the Linlithgow Palace near Edinburgh, Scotland, I didn’t expect it to be a call for help finding a ring lost in Killeen, Texas. But it was, and as I was returning to Texas shortly, I asked Dominic to give me a call later in the week, if he still needed assistance. He did, and we arranged to meet outside his home the next day. It seems he and his fiance had had a somewhat animated discussion in the yard a few days prior, and the ring had ended up off her finger and in some thick, wet grass. Time was of the essence, as she was returning to her Army duty station the next day. Fortunately, Dominic was the kind of caller I hope for as a Ringfinder. He had a very good idea of where the ring should be, though he’d been unable to find it himself, using a detector he had purchased for the task. After I asked a few questions, he went inside and I started my search. No more than 10 minutes later, I got a target signal, and while the number showing on my screen was not what I expected, both the number and target tone stayed consistent as I passed over the item from different directions. I pushed away some grass, and sure enough, got a glimpse of silver and bright gemstones. I was able to return the ring to an obviously happy Dominic – mission accomplished. Oh, and I already have my next search scheduled – I got a second call from Texas asking for help, within two hours of getting Dominic’s first call, in Scotland. Maybe I need to travel more!


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