Lost wedding ring in Fairfax Station, VA - Found

  • de Harker Heights (Texas, United States)

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Drove to Texas about 12 days ago, and was surprised when the first call I got on my cell phone down there was from a man living near my Virginia home, who had lost his wedding ring doing yardwork the day before. I told him I’d be happy to look for it, but was away for a week, and would check in when I got back to see if he’d found it. I called him this past Monday, and while he’d borrowed a metal detector to look for it himself, he had had no luck. When I went to his house the next day, he told me where he’d been working, and where else around the yard he’d been. I tried to pin down the probable loss location as best I could, hoping not to repeat my last search. That one was for a very nice lady who was certain she had lost her ring in her gravel driveway. I searched for a couple of hours to no avail, and told her as I was leaving that I was almost positive it wasn’t there. I encouraged her to continue looking around in her house, and was delighted when she told me she found it about two weeks later – in her refrigerators’ icemaker! This gentleman was equally certain, and after he chuckled at my icemaker story, he stayed firm on what he thought was the most promising area to look. Long story short, after a 15 minute search, I found his ring, within just a few feet of where he said he’d been working. The ring is a beauty – gold, with a couple of small diamonds and a cross. When I handed it to back to him, he was both grateful and thrilled, as was his wife, making it a great day for all three of us!

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