Lost Wedding Ring in Hawley, Texas (FOUND)

  • from Brownwood (Texas, United States)


Aug 24, 2015

I received a phone call on the morning of August 24th.  The caller gave her name as Jessica.  She stated that she had been at a wedding this past weekend and one of the wedding rings was lost during the ceremony.  she was not the bride but a friend of the bride.

Jessica stated that during the ceremony the Ring Bearer (child) was carrying the pillow that had three rings attached by a ribbon to the pillow.  When the Ring Bearer reached his position it was found that the ribbon had become loosened.  Two of the rings were still resting on the pillow but the third ring was missing.

I asked Jessica a few more questions and then received directions from her.  I would be traveling to Hawley Texas. That would be a 90 mile trip from my location.  I prepared for the 180 mile round trip to Hawley.

I arrived in Hawley around 12.30PM.  I arrived at a home out in the country where the wedding had been held. I met with Genet, the owner of the property, who was also a friend of the Bride.  Jessica and the Bride, Kim, were to arrive at a later time.

Genet showed me where the Ring Bearer had walked.  It led from the back of the house and covered a route of about 50 yards.  Genet believed that the two rings that were found had fallen from the pillow and had been found on the ground while several people searched.  I had her walk off an area where she thought the two rings had been found.

I placed cones around this area and out a little more.  I began my search and had just about finished searching the area inside the cones.  The Bride, Kim, arrived at that time.  She met with me. I learned that the two rings that had been found had actually stayed on the pillow.  The rings had never fallen off to the ground.  That changed the area I had felt the ring should have been in and added more that would be searched if I did not find them there. Now,the rings could be back anywhere along the 50 yards.

Kim went to the house and I continued my search.  The ground was covered in short grass but was very sandy.  I was sure the ring had been stepped on while the group searched.  The ring would be pushed below the sand and out of site.  I was finishing the area that the cones bordered.  Approximately 8 minuets later I received a signal on my E-Trac that was very promising.  The reading was a good signal for a small gold band.  With my Pro Pointer I scanned the surface in the area of the signal.  I began scraping the sand away and not more than a half inch under the sand, there it was.

I slid the ring onto the small finger of my left hand.  I then set up my video camera.  I called Genet on the phone and asked if she could have Kim come back outside   I told her I had thought of another question I needed to ask.

Kim came outside and I told her that she had not been there before I had begun the search.  I told her normally I would get her to fill a search contract form out and do a pre interview video if she was ok with being videoed.  Kim agreed to do an interview on video.

In the video I surprise Kim with the ring.  It was an awesome experience seeing her reunited with this ring.  She had told me she had stopped the wedding while several looked for the ring.  This was a special ring.  Her rings and her husbands ring were rings his Grandparents had worn for more than 50 years.  Both Grandparents had since passed on.  The rings had fit both the Bride and the Groom, perfectly.  The rings were passed down to them to be married in. The loss of the one ring was very difficult for many of the family members to handle.

Kim was kind enough to send the photo of the Grandparents who had worn the rings for more than fifty years.



4 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring in Hawley, Texas (FOUND)”

  1. Debbie Darby dit :

    Thank you so very much for your time in finding the ring. I handed the rings down to Corey and Kim as they belonged to my mom and dad. Since Corey was their youngest grandchild and I was their only daughter I felt this to be an amazing thing to do. Once again thanks again for finding it.

  2. Carl Cook dit :

    I am Corey’s Father and Kim’s Father-in-law (now)… smile Thank you so much for finding the ring… There is no way we would have been able to find it on our own… The ring had more sentimental value than actual value, but I will never be able to tell you how much this means to my family… Thank you for taking the time to come and help…

  3. John Volek dit :


    Nice work, and great post.
    Give me a call, lets get that video on the blog.


    1. Don Carmack dit :

      Hi John. I’ve been thinking about getting in touch with you. I see you and Chris have the videos down to a science. I will be having hip surgery Tuesday, September 1st. I will be getting things situated around here before my down time. If I get through in time I will get in touch with you and if not it will be after the surgery.

      Looks like you have been staying busy in your area.

      I did enjoy that hunt/find very much. It could not have worked out any better. I was in the hospital last Friday and discharged from the hospital on Saturday for a hip dislocation. I received that call on Monday. I was reluctant to go that distance and especially by myself after the hip dislocated but when I heard the story I believed I could find the ring. Then hearing the sentimental value of it I definitely had to go. It was one of the smoothest recoveries I’ve ever had.

      Hope to talk to you soon

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