Lost Wedding Ring in Brownwood & Abilene Texas

  • from Brownwood (Texas, United States)

Hi my name is Don Carmack,

I joined The Ring Finders directory as a metal detecting specialist to help people who have lost a very special ring/cherished keepsake.

To reach me click on the above Directory, click United States, click Texas, click either Abilene or Brownwod for all the surrounding areas, click my name Don Carmack.  Click on my blog next to my picture and view my contact information and stories of my hunts.

If you lost your ring, jewelry or anything metalic call me ASAP, I’ll do my very best to find it for you!

I look forward to finding something you thought was lost forever!


3 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring in Brownwood & Abilene Texas”

  1. Chris Turner dit :

    Welcome to The Ring Finders Don! I look forward to the Smiles you’ll find and the stories.
    Happy Hunting!

    1. Don Carmack dit :

      Thanks Chris. I’m looking forwards to many successful hunts. I appreciate your help. Everything on the Bio looked good, although I fail to add information about working with Insurance Agencies and assisting Law Enforcement(crime scene searches)in the cost section.
      Thanks Don

      1. Chris Turner dit :

        Not a problem Don I’ll go in and add that to your profile page.

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