Wedding Band Recovery

  • from Lynchburg (Virginia, United States)

I received my first recovery call a few days ago since joining Ringfinders. Mr. Thorsen had lost his wedding band in his back yard. He was changing the oil in his lawnmower this Spring and the ring slipped off his finger, which was covered in oil. Mrs. Thorsen Googled metal detector rental, saw my name and called me.

We went to Mr. Thorsen’s home in the evening and he showed me the general area where he might have lost his wedding band. I found his ring within ten minutes!! He exclaimed when I turned the plug over « Whoooo!! There it is!! » The ring was barely a half inch in the ground. Someone probably stepped on it after he lost it. It was still in excellent condition. Mr. and Mrs. Thorsen have been married for 55 years. They were very happy to have the ring back!!

Side note: We have mutual friends and acquaintances from our home area of New York State!! Small world!!


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