Silver Ring Found in Iselin, New Jersey!

  • de Middlesex County, (New Jersey, United States)

May 21, 2020 – Received a call from a past client (found gold ring lost during landscaping a year or two ago) and requested to return to help him find a recently lost silver ring while landscaping. This gentleman, while an excellent gardener, has had the misfortune to lose another ring due to cold weather conditions shrinking his fingers. He had the good fortune of noticing almost immediately when the ring leaves his finger and the locations where it may be located. After greeting him again and listening to his detailed description of the ring (silver ring containing a slightly yellowish pearl that can’t be found in the U.S. and the ring had an astrological significance for the owner), I began searching. Within five minutes, I got a hit with my Minelab Safari detector and as I was bending over to use my pinpointer in his thick grass, I spied the round circumference of the ring lying on its side! Happy smiles all around and another satisfied, repeat customer!!!

He really is smiling under his mask!

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