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Lost Precious Gold Ring South Denver

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Jackie was playing baseball practice in the backyard with her grandson. Jackie was the pitcher tossing the ball across the back yard. Didn’t take long she noticed her gold ring that her mother had purchased for her was missing.

After days of searching and crawling on hands and knees and then searching with flash lights they finally gave up and called the ring finders. I stopped by and after almost an hour of hunting the back yard we came up with the family heirloom. Needless to say Jackie was very happy that the Tenacious Treasure Tracker saved the day.

Lost Wedding Ring Front Yard Work Westminster Colorado

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Jim was working in the front yard. Doing a little spring time front yard clean up. After a couple hours of hauling trash bags of branches and debris to the back yard Jim notices his wedding ring is missing.

Jim contacted Ring Finders after searching for hours and not finding the ring.  I stopped by and found the ring in his front yard along the sidewalk in the mulch. Tenacious Treasure Tracker saves the day.

« I am overjoyed at the fact that Brian Henry was able to find my wedding band so quickly. Like many, I was doing yard work last weekend and my ring was lost. I searched through bags and bags of trimmings, weeds, leaves, etc… I crawled around my yard multiple times looking somewhat foolish each day since. No luck. I called Brian via ringfinders website. He came by my house on schedule and less than 15 min later was knocking on my door having found the ring! Thank you- you are highly recommended!!! » ~Jim

Lost Wedding Ring Found South Denver

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Received a call thru Ring Finders help service in regards to a lost wedding ring. Gregg was doing yard work. Some spring clean up around the edges of his front yard. You know that feeling you get when you notice your ring is gone.

After an all day frantic search even collecting all the yard rubbished bagged up. Spending several after work hours searching. You’ll end up giving the professional ring finders a call.

Ring Found at Broomfield High School Colorado

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Lost Ring in Broomfield Colorado

Received an early morning message from Frank. He had been watching football at the high school. After wrestling with the grand kids in the deep grass. Frank and the family headed from the practice field to the main stadium field. Just after sitting down Frank noticed his 48 year old wedding ring was missing.

Frank came to the conclusion the only place he could have lost his wedding ring was wrestling in the tall grass.  Digging and searching in the tall grass was impossible to find the gold ring.  Frank though he could rent a metal detector and fumble around not knowing how to operate it, or call the professionals. Smart move, after five minutes of searching for the wedding ring it was found by the Tenacious Treasure Tracker.

Back Yard Ring Recovery Thornton Colorado

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Spring Time Back Yard Clean-Up Casualty

Spring time in Thornton Colorado brought Mario out back to clean up his back yard.  Raking rubbish and pulling weeds left big pot holes in his yard. While filling the pot holes and tossing weeds across the yard caused his White Gold Wedding Band to go flying across the yard.

After noticing his wedding ring was missing Mario and his girl friend spent several hours searching the back yard. Even raking the whole area with a weasel rake in the hopes of turning up the ring. After a couple days searching they gave up and gave ring finders a call. The weather wasn’t cooperating with us but Monday we finally had a break between storms. Armed with the XP Deus metal detector Mario showed me all the possible pot hole spots that he couldn’t rake out his wedding ring. A quick search and on the third hole we struck gold! Another recovery with the Tenacious Treasure Tracker.

Ring Found In Snow Ft. Collins Colorado

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

A couple days ago the snow started coming down heavy here in Colorado.  Greg being the nice guy and wonderful husband that he is, stopped by his wife’s work to clear the snow off her car.  In a parking lot north of Ft. Collins, Greg clears the snow off her car with his bare hands because he forgot his gloves.  So with those bare hands he throws snow from under the windshield wipers then shaking his hands to clear the stinging cold off his hands.  Jumps into his car to go home before noticing his wedding ring was missing. 

Quickly jumps back out into the cold to search for his ring, but a ring sinks fast in 8 inches of snow and in the dark makes it almost impossible to find.  After an internet search and finding the ring finders we were able to find his ring in the hard packed snow.

Another ring found in C0lorado with the Tenacious Treasure Tracker!

Broomfield Commons Ring Found

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Matt is a Ultimate Frisbee player in the Broomfield and Boulder area of north Denver. Matt brought is « A »  game that day, played hard until he noticed his wedding ring was missing. So now he is looking down in the grass the rest of the day trying to find his ring. After having both teams line up and walk across the field, they all came up empty handed.  His wife left him on the field looking as she went off to do an internet search for some much needed help finding their wedding ring. Thankfully I was close to the field and met Matt on the field that afternoon.

We searched till dark but the field is part of a huge complex of football fields so it’s a very large area to search.  After we both spent the next day at work we resumed the search. This time I brought another detector so Matt could join the search. Lined myself up with the grid line from the day before to continue the search and half way down the field I received a good signal.  Waved my hand in the grass and there was the ring.

Ring Found Superior Colorado

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Snow storm started Monday afternoon and ended today Tuesday afternoon. Dumped over 10 inches of snow. Chris woke up early to head out to school. Walked out the front door and the snow was deep. Thinking to himself there can’t be school today, better check my phone to see if school has been called off. Pulling his phone out of his pocket is all it takes to send your ring flying into the deep snow abyss.


Searching with a rental metal detector turned up nothing. Had to call in the professionals at ring finders.  Thirty minute search in 12 inches of snow we found grandpa’s ring,


Another ring recovery in Denver Colorado.


College Class Ring Recovered in the Denver Snow

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Throwing snow balls in the Denver Colorado snow on Christmas can be hazardous on class rings.

Renting a metal detector isn’t always the best way to recover your lost class ring. Searching the front yard turned up nothing but snow.

Calling Tenacious Treasure Tracker prior to running around town hunting down a metal detector and learning that detector takes a lot of time. can save you time and headaches.  Found the class ring in less than five minutes!




Fiancee Lost Ring Recovered in the Snow

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

A family Christmas photo in the falling snow in your front yard is not a good place to throw snow in the air causing your precious wedding ring to go flying.

Metal detector rental isn’t always the answer.  The Garrett Ace 250 is more than capable machine to find a lost ring in the snow. It’s more about experience with that metal detector.

Another fast ring recovery from the tenacious treasure tracker ring finder